St. Albans Museum

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Hello Everyone,

At the Saint Albans Museum, education is at the heart of our mission. Each year, our staff and volunteers engage with students and adult learners from a variety of backgrounds through in-class programming, guided tours, and collaborative projects. These opportunities for exploration and discovery may be customized to meet your specific learning goals. SAM's collections and archives contain a wide variety of primary source materials and artifacts connected to the history and heritage of St. Albans and northwest Vermont. 

Our areas of strength include Vermont and the Civil War (St. Albans Raid), railroad and transportation history, Lake Champlain & St. Albans Bay, local medical, political, and business history, women's history, and our regional French heritage. This season, our newest displays highlight St. Albans and World War I, Franklin County's agricultural heritage, and local service/fraternal clubs and organizations. We regularly rotate and add new material from our collections, so there is always something new to see each season.

Recently, we partnered with area teachers on a number of efforts, including:

- assisting with curation of a 'pop-up' museum for a high school world history class
- reporting on local historical landmarks with middle school students
- designing an app with involvement from high school students in media, history, and foreign language courses
- creating a scavenger hunt for elementary school students
- offering guided tours for Scouting, adult education, and homeschool groups
- developing a walking tour for an environmental science class
- hosting student-designed history games and STEM activities

SAM can provide resources and content focused on community and Vermont history for all ages, subjects, and grade levels. We are pleased to offer transportation scholarships and an admissions discount for educational/school groups. I am a BSA Merit Badge Counselor as well.

If you have not visited the Saint Albans Museum (or if it has been a few years), I invite you to connect with me by phone or email to arrange a complimentary Educator's Tour to learn more about what we offer.

Please post and share this information and attached flyer with your colleagues, and contact us to plan your spring or fall educational program. We  look forward to the opportunity to partner with you and your students.


Alex Lehning, MA
Executive Director

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