Friday Early Release

Early Release time for teacher collaboration School Year 2019-2020

July 22, 2019

Dear St. Albans City School Families,

As you have been made aware from the recent Maple Run parent letter, the PK-8 schools are in
need of additional time for teacher collaboration in order to coordinate efforts for improved
student performance. As part of this new district plan, St. Albans City School students will be
released at 1:50 pm for grades 1-8 and 1:00 pm for Prek and Kindergarten on each Friday
during the 2019-2020 school year. Our start time remains the same.

We appreciate the support from our families and community, as this time will provide teachers
an opportunity to look at student performance data using district-wide data protocols, and assist
us with time for planning, implementing, reflecting on, and sharing instructional strategies to
ensure success for all students.

We are sending this letter out now so that you have time to alert your childcare providers and
plan for this change. As we get closer to the start of school, August 28th, you will receive the
standard August letter with more information about this school year.

Thank you for your continued support,

Joan Cavallo, Principal
Stacie Rouleau, Assistant Principal