Student-led walking school bus program

Students will lead walking school buses daily on these routes until thanksgiving.

The routes chosen cover the areas with largest number of students. If this program works well this year, we will strive to expand it to cover all seven of our Walking Wednesday routes. We hope some students who live nearby will walk a block or two to join the walking school buses listed below.

The normal teacher/parent-led Walking Wednesday program is independent of this expansion program (held 16 times per year).

Four 6th-8th grade leaders on each route will supervise students as they walk to school. The program is being overseen by Wellness Coordinator, Mr. Craib ( 527-0565), School Resource Officer, Seargent Tally, and School Counselor, Ms. Goldsmith. 

1st-8th grade students may join the walking school buses. PreK and K students will have to wait until they get older since we cannot accommodate the youngest students before 8:00am on days other than Walking Wednesdays. 

Families, please note this important point: These are students leading students. If you feel uncomfortable about entrusting your child(ren) to a student-led walking school bus program, then we ask that you have them continue to ride the regular bus or drive them into school. This program is aimed at increasing the number of kids walking carefully to school each day.