Monday, October 19, 2009

Announcments for 10-20-09

Fuel up to Play 60!!!!Good Morning Wellness Champions!!Today's the day to start treating our bodies right. It's not like we've got some spare parts lying around-these are the only ones we've got. And they need us right now!! We need to start making smart decisions about eating healthy and staying active. This isn't rocket science,y'all. You wouldn't litter the environment with litter and junk. Think of your body like that-keep it healthy.

This year, our school is one of 60,000 schools who've joined Fuel Up to Play 60. Fuel up to play 60 was developed by the national Dairy council and the NFL.

We're putting together a Fuel up to play 60 team, and we want everyone who cares about being healthy to join the team. Fuel up to play 60 is a student led program-that means we the students take the lead in putting together a big kickoff event. The school team will also work with the school staff to come up with ways to help us eat healthier and get more physical activity every day.

If you would like to find out more please contact Ms. Lizewski in the cafeteria. ext. 3202

Soccer- The last 7/8 boys and girls soccer game of the season will be October 21st at 4:3o. These games will be played at city school.

Nordic Ski club- Grades 7/8 Nordic Ski club will take place on November 2nd at 3:30pm. This will be run by the Saint Albans recreation department and will take place at Hard Ack. For more information please contact Larry at 527-1711.