Monday, November 30, 2009

Announcements 12-01-09

Dear Families,
St. Albans City School will be hosting the H1N1 Vaccine Clinic (part 2)for
children 9 years and younger. This is tentatively scheduled for Thursday,
December 3rd. This date may change based on availability determined by the
Vermont Department of Health. We will update families as we receive

Part 2 is only for students 9 years and younger who received their first
vaccine at SACS on October 29, 2009 and have not received the second vaccine
through another clinic or doctor visit. This message is to alert families
that if your child has already received their second dose, it is critical to
inform the school. Please contact the school nurses' office by Tuesday,
December 1st because the Vermont Department of Health is planning to
vaccinate your child if he/she is 9 years and younger and received the first
vaccine at City School.

Please note, the clinic held at SACS on December 3rd cannot accommodate
children who still require their first dose of the vaccine. If you need
assistance in finding available vaccines for your child, please call 211.
This hotline provides a live person to assist you. Also, the vaccine is
becoming more readily available and your pediatrician is a great resource.

School Nurses

PTO- There will be a PTO meeting December 2nd at 3:30.