Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Note From Mr. Mehaffey:

Team Discovery 4th Grade and all 5th Grade Beginning Band Students;

I am sorry to let you know, that the concert for my 4th grade recorder class, and the Beginning Band, is postponed for tonight. I would like to reschedule for next Tuesday, January 19, with the kids coming to the band room and cafeteria at 6pm, and the concert starting at 6:30 pm.

I have had a bad cold, since Christmas, which I have found really hard to shake, and it is now moving into my lungs, and I need to shake this off with a few days at home, without talking and coughing so much. I especially apologize to the Beginning Band about this, where I have been out a few days, and after school, since vacation, with little or no notice. It stinks for me too.

Thank you for understanding, and there will be no lessons for Beginning Band for the end of this week, and could everyone please bring their instrument to school next Tuesday morning, the day after the long weekend, and we will have a rehearsal during the day. Please keep your solos in shape over the week and weekend, and I will see you on Tuesday.

Frank Mehaffey