Wednesday, August 25, 2010

An Exciting End to First Day

Today we had an amazing First Day, and it ended with a bit of excitement.

There was an electrical problem on the first floor of our building. When we smelled the problem, we evacuated the building and called the Fire Department. Within minutes the Fire Trucks were here, the building was empty and all students, parents and staff were safely evacuated. We remained evacuated for over 30 minutes, and needed to board the buses before we were clear to go back into the building. At all times our children were safe.

We used the Alert Now system to inform parents about the problem, that the children were safe and buses would be late. Please make sure that we always have accurate information to contact you, so that you will know about these situations immediately.

Thank you to our parents who were here throughout the excitement and were so patient and helpful. We were very proud of how our whole school community responded.

One other quick note, the Parent Resource Fair was very well received today. Hundreds of Parents filled our Gym. We were asked if it would be possible to hold the fair again for Open House, so that more parents would have access. We will be holding the Fair again the evening of September 23rd for the Open House. So if you did not get the chance to come to First Day, please join us then.