Friday, September 16, 2011

Coin Drive at St. Albans City School raises $1,445.64 for those effected by Irene.

St. Albans City School’s response to supporting our greater Vermont community through the effects of Irene, was amazing. On Friday, September 9th, we trucked our donated products to the Complex. At that time we wanted to announce the funds we raised in our school-wide coin collection, but we had at least 8 more hours of counting. With help from Vermont Federal Credit Union’s coin counting machine, we learned on Monday that students and staff raised $1,445.64. This came from the 1-3 community coin collection, the 4-6 Team Penny War and the 7-8 Penny War against the staff. The entire fundraiser was only 3 days long, and students with the support of their families were very excited to participate.

In a Penny War, pennies count for the team, and all silver is subtracted from the team total. Students put coins in their bins during lunch. At 4-6 Team Triumph won the Team Penny War. Team Triumph won a team pizza party. At 7-8 the students sent the teachers into negative numbers, to win that Penny War. The 7-8 teachers must now hold a dance for the students and the proceeds will also be donated to the fund.

We would like to thank our community for all of your support.