Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Announcements 11-02-11

The Dynamic Design Community has been working hard with the Box Tops for Education. We trimmed, sorted, and counted 5000 box tops and 10 bonus coupons for the first submission deadline. As a result of the lead of Dynamic Design's school stewardship and the entire school community's hard work, we were able to raise a total of $501.00 (so far)! Keep on clipping and have your student bring then in to their teacher. Thanks!

Congratulations Candy Corn Estimators
Our school held a Candy Corn Estimating Competition that was open to each class from k-8. The idea began with the students during the Open House Resource Fair, when they saw a decoration made by Mrs Fitzgerald and wondered if it was a counting jar.

Many classes competed with their estimates, and the winner was Mr. E's (Edwards) class that estimated 487. The actual number was 555.

We also recognized the closest 4-6 and k scores. Mrs Bashaw's class won for 4-6 and Mrs. Williams for kindergarten.

We will have more chances to practice estimation with future challenges -