Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Announcements 12-22-11 to 1-2-12

The SACS Bucket Fillers

The SACS Bucket Fillers sang holiday songs to the residents of the Holiday House on Monday. We filled their buckets with songs and good cheer and they filled our bellies with homemade chocolate chip cookies!

Our top ten Sumdog contestants posing with their certificates!

The Mathletes working hard on the test

MathCounts School Competition Results

St. Albans City School Team
Peter Chesarek
Cordelia Bell
Veronica Farr
Isa Harrison

St. Albans City School 2nd Team
Frank Rogers
Kyra Cain
Jessie Casey
Lucia Pelkey

Noah Rouleau
Luke Zemianek
Andi Essenler

All students who did not place for the Regional Competition are still welcome to practice with the team.

Gingerbread houses made by Team Triumph

All four 4-6 learning communities worked hard making beautiful gingerbread houses on Wednesday. 

News from Team Imagination

The 2nd graders on Team Imagination took part in a book auction called “Retell It to Sell It”!!!  Each student created a written retell of their favorite book from the classroom.   They also included the components of a story and then illustrated their favorite scene.  After presenting their book to the class, the students were then allowed to bid on the books.  Mrs. Konrad brought math to the event by having the bidders keep track of their money and make change.  The books went to the highest bidders and will remain in their independent reading boxes until the next auction.  It was a fun, creative way for the students to put their money skills to practice and use their retelling strategies to hook other readers in the class!

News from Dynamic Design

For the Holiday Season, the neighboring Dynamic Design and Investigators Learning Communities continued their tradition of building "Big & Little Buddy" relationships and celebrating the season!  The Dynamic Design "Big Buddies" (7th-8th graders) led their Investigator "Little Buddies" (1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders) through six activities in all the classrooms.  The activities included making coffee-filter-snowflakes, Reindeer goodie bags, a telling of "'Twas the Night Before Christmas'" with their own story books to color, games and puzzles, ornament making, and cookie making.  In the afternoon, every student was able to frost, decorate, and most importantly eat their own cookie.  Everyone had lots of fun - our buddies truly enjoy their time together and build lasting relationships!
Kindergarten Holiday Program
The Kindergarten Holiday Program was a huge success! They played to a packed house, singing six songs and ending with a dance to Shake Up The Happiness by Train. If you know the song, ask your child to teach you the steps.

School resumes Monday January 2, 2012. Have a wonderful Holiday and Happy New Year!

Hot Lunch Entree for Monday January 2nd

Buffalo Style Chicken Sandwich on a Wheat Roll
Brown Rice Pilaf 
Fresh Cucumber Sticks w/Dip 
Fresh Fruit 
Farm Fresh Milk