Thursday, January 12, 2012

Announcements 1-13-12

We need your Input!

We are trying to plan a family virtual field trip night. Please click the link below and take the short survey so that your voice can be heard. Thank you!
 Family Virtual Field Trip Night

The Learning Kitchen

We are very excited to announce that we recently applied and were approved to host a program called "The Learning Kitchen." The classes will begin in April. Here is a short description from the Hunger Free Vermont/Learning Kitchen website:

"In a series of six classes, 8-15 participants receive instruction in meal planning, budgeting, shopping, and cooking from area chefs and trained nutrition educators. At the end of each class, participants take home free ingredients to make the recipes at home."

This class is for students in grades 5-8 and space is very limited. If you are interested in learning more about the class, or would like to be a part of The Learning Kitchen please contact Mrs. Trainer or Mrs. Gunter at 527-0565 ext.1102 or by email:

Beginning Band Concert

The concert that was scheduled for Thursday evening will take place this afternoon (1/13) at 1:30 in the library. It will be videotaped and posted to the school website.

Virtual Learning

Last night Mr. Galle hosted a Virtual Learning Informational session for 7th and 8th grade students and their parents who have expressed an interest in taking  middle school and high school courses online. In his half hour presentation, Mr. Galle, who teaches a virtual class himself, went over the basics of online learning and how to go about the sign up process. He then made himself available to answer questions and help sign the students up for virtual learning on one of the many computers in the SACS Library computer lab. Many of the students in attendance were interested in signing up for Mr. Galle's online class! The turnout for this meeting was excellent - Thank you to parents and students for coming out! 

The Flipped Classroom with Mr. Clark & Mr. Allen

Mr. Allen and Mr. Clark have begun to change their teaching.  They are working on what is called the Flipped Classroom.  The Flipped Classroom changes the standard way of teaching a lesson in class and then sending the students home to practice that without guidance.  If they receive guidance, it is from their parents and the parents weren't there for the lesson and odds are, were taught in a different way then their kids were.  In the Flipped Classroom, the students watch a lesson at home via our Youtube channel and come to class with questions and or knowledge about the skill taught.  Students in the Flipped Classroom will also apply their new skill in a class practice activity and then in their actual classwork.  Students without internet access are give ample time in class to watch the lesson providing equal opportunity.  The lessons also provide opportunities for struggling students to rewind a lesson or even go to a part that need to focus on.  

Check out the youtube channel with the lessons here:

News from PE

Grades 3-6 will begin a Bike unit in the spring with help from a grant awarded to the City of St. Albans.

Drama Club

Practice this afternoon from 3:15-5:15 in Mrs. Jarvis' room


7/8 Girls Basketball HOME vs. Fairfax at 4:15

7/8 Boys Basketball AWAY vs. Fairfax at 4:45


5/6 Basketball Games in the Big Gym starting at 7:30am

School Mall

The Booklets are due today (1/13) at lunch-- please remember to bring them in!

News from Team USA

Team USA members decided to have a crazy dress-up day.  The clothes that were worn were from our Barn visit earlier in the year.  The idea behind the day is that what a person wears or looks like should not affect how they are treated.

Team USA's Energy Committee is teaming up with SATEC to host a Button Up VT Clinic. This program is to help homeowners, to save money, and energy during the Winter months. If you are interested, come to the BFA Tech Center room 208 on Wednesday January 18th from 6:30-8:30pm. Students will be there to greet you and show you to the clinic.

WordMasters Word of the day

From the 7th grade list:


1: Function: verb: to hold oneself back <refrain from laughing>
2: Function: noun: a regularly repeated phrase or verse of a poem or song : CHORUS

Hot Lunch Entree for Friday January 13th

Chef Made Specialty Pizza 
Fresh Carrot Sticks w/ Hummus Dip 
Low-Fat Dessert 
Fresh Fruit 
Farm Fresh Milk