Thursday, January 19, 2012

Announcements 1-20-12

News from Yearbook 2012

Yearbook Cover Design Contest

Attention 8th Graders:  The Yearbook Staff is hosting a contest to design this year's yearbook cover.  Any 8th graders may enter a design.  This year's theme is "Time to Rewind."  These are the requirements:

     - 8 1/2 x 11" sheet of plain paper, any color (no lined or graph paper)
     - You may use any materials/medium (marker, colored pencil, computer, etc.)
     - The school name and year will be added in afterward - please do not include them in your design, but consider leaving space for this text.
     - Do NOT put your name on the front of your drawing/design. (Please put it on the back.)
     - The design or drawing must be school appropriate and should reflect the theme or our school.

The deadline is Friday, January 27th.  Please give submissions to Ms. Maguire in Dynamic Design.  The Yearbook Committee will announce the winner(s) after the deadline - We hope to have many entries to choose from!

News from Dynamic Design

Dynamic Design continues our stewardship effort of sustainable fundraising for St. Albans City School.  We just sent out our second shipment of Box Tops for Education collected by the school community. This shipment alone was equal to $541.50. We are now over a total of $1000.00 for our school, and we are only halfway through the year!  Also, keep your eyes peeled for more details about a February Box Top contest for homerooms, with a prize for the winning homeroom.  Keep up the great work and send in the Box Tops for Education found on products in your home!

We are also collecting and submitting Labels for Education.  Please note: Make sure you are cutting out the entire label with the bar code on Labels for Education - the portion to clip is usually surrounded by a dotted line.  Thanks!

-Adia and Bethany
Dynamic Design Newsletter Committee

News from Team USA

Wednesday evening Team USA hosted a Button Up Conference for Franklin County at BFA. The event went well. The presentor, from Burlington, commented on the maturity, good questions and social skills of Team USA. This event, and others will be co-hosted by the Town school as well. If any one is interested in gathering information on Button Up energy saving ideas, please contact Team USA.  We are learning to do home energy audits and will make that service available as well.
Trista became a Junior Super Hero for her good work in helping a 3rd grader in need. Great Job

Drama Club Practice

This afternoon (1/20) in Mrs. Jarvis' room from 3:15-5:15pm


7th Grade Basketball Boys & Girls HOME vs. Alburgh at 4:00

Dance Tonight (1/20) for Grades 4, 5, and 6

 "Boot, Scoot and Boogie" at the next grade 4-6 Dance! 
Hosted by the Voyagers

Friday, January 20th
In the school cafeteria
6:00 - 8:00 pm

The dance is for SACS students only and admission is $3 

Awesome dance music, fun games and yummy refreshments for sale

Open Doors Announcement

The Open Doors Hip Hop Extreme Dancers that meet on Wednesdays with Ms. Cheryl Ann from Electric Youth Dance Company will be performing on Wed, February 1st at 3:50 in the big gym before the boys basketball
game.  Please arrive at 3:40. 

Come support the students and see their t-shirts that they designed.  They are very proud of their work and we are so proud of them!

WordMasters Word of the Day
From the 7th grade list:


Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural -ries
1: predicting the future especially from omens
2: a sign of the future : OMEN

Hot Lunch Entree for Friday January 20th

Docksider Fish Sandwich on Wheat Roll 
w/Creamy Tartar Sauce 
Seasoned Potato Wedges 
Side Caesar Salad 
Fresh Fruit 
Farm Fresh Milk