Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Announcements 1-4-12

SACS Summer Storage

The S3 Conundrum

What is the least amount of storage space SACS needs to store all
classroom materials being affected by next summer’s building project?  
How many trailers do we need?

7th Grade Math Students Start Storage Project

7th graders from all three 7/8 learning communities started the new year by kicking off a unit on surface area and volume.  The students gathered in the library to hear about the problem, brainstorm questions, and plan a way to solve the problem.  They did a nice job jumping into the problem and had the opportunity to explore the problem with other communities.  A leadership group was selected and this group will make sure the project will be completed in a timely manner.  The bulk of the work will be know be completed within in the communities during the next two weeks, but they will reconvene to share their final solution with the appropriate audience.

Raider's Got Talent... yes, they sure do!

Musical SACS students take the stage in Day one of "Raiders' Got Talent!"

7th Grade basketball games Home vs. Grand Isle
Boys play at 4:15 and Girls play at 5:15


With cold and flu season upon us, please remember to call in the morning if your child will not be in school. Please call 527-0565 and press 4 to report absences and tardiness. Thank you!

Rotary Ski Bus

SACS students that ride the rotary ski bus through the St. Albans Recreation Dept - please be advised that it is cancelled for this Saturday 1/7/12.

Hot Lunch Entree

Chicken Fajitas Chicken, Soft Flour Tortilla, Cabot Sour Cream & Salsa Brown Rice Pilaf Broccoli/Carrot Salad Fresh Fruit Farm Fresh Milk