Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Announcements 4-18-12

Team T-Shirt and Color Day

Voyagers show their "School Spirit" on Monday.

Spirit Week

Today (4/18)  is "Wacky Wednesday". Be sure and show your school spirit!

April Fools Joke of the Day 

What do you call cheese that's not yours?
Nacho cheese.

Autism Awareness Fact of the Day

Behavior is communication for people with autism.  People with autism don’t always know the words to use or even when to use them, so some will use behaviors to communicate for them.  

WordMasters Word of the Day

salve: (noun) anything that soothes, mollifies, or relieves.

Hot Lunch Entree for Wednesday April 18th

Brunch For Lunch 
Waffles  w/ Warm Syrup  
Sweet & White Home Fries 
Sausage Links 
Fruit Filled Crisp 
Fresh Fruit 
Farm Fresh Milk