Thursday, May 10, 2012

Announcements 5-11-12

Spotlight on Team USA

Team USA has once again been honored. Recently our 7th and 8th grade teams took 1st  place in the US a Army's e-cybermission contest for the entire State of Vt. Yesterday, Team USA was notified that it has been honored with being one of twelve schools in the state (All others being High Schools) to be awarded a spot in the Efficiency Vermont's Whole School Energy Challenge for 2012-2013.Current 7th grader Andi  will chair the committee. We are excited to be able to participate in a program aimed at actually reducing our school's energy consumption.  Besides Team USA members,we will work with Mr. Boomhover and Ms. Cavallo, Ms. Esenler, and Mayor Gamache on the year long project. Anyone interested in being a part, please notify us. You do not have to be a member of Team USA. Sixth graders Camille and Gabbi have already signed on!

Just prior to vacation, Team USA hosted a group of BFA students,who worked closely with Ms. B. to run a "Diversity Day" for the team. It was fun and very educational. Team USA thanks BFA team USA member Brooke for setting this up.

Team USA will be hosting a team of teachers and administrators from Brown's River School who will spend a day observing Team USA's methodologies in response to the article on Team USA in the national Middle School Magazine.

Our mentoring and our K lunch program are going very well and relationships made will hopefully continue for years to come.

Team USA also is very proud to have been recognized in the Raider Spirit contest!

News from The Voyagers

The Voyagers and their friends all welcomed spring at their SPRING FLING  dance last Friday! 

There was a lot of laughter and fun as everyone danced to the sound of spring in the air & 
some really good music. The Voyagers want to shout out a loud  'thank you' to Ms. Gunter 
and Ms. Andrews for help out at the dance and to all the parents who were there to support the fun!

Nutrition Fact of the Day from

Sip on some vegetable soup. Heat it and eat it. Try tomato, butternut squash, or garden vegetable soup. Look for reduced- or low-sodium soups.

Hot Lunch Entree for Friday May 11th

Chef’s Specialty Pizza 
Side Caesar  Salad 
Fresh Fruit 
Farm Fresh Milk