Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Announcements 5-24-12

Spotlight on Family & Consumer Science

Lots of fun things are happening in Family and Consumer Science. The fourth grade Voyagers are learning about the new Myplate and how to make healthier food choices. The fifth graders have started a unit called Look Good Feel Good where they are learning all about the important steps they need to take to be happier and healthier inside and out. Seventh and eighth graders just finished a Food and Kitchen Safety Unit where we calculated out, and created a visual model to see the growth of bacteria on food left out at room temperature every 30 minutes for two hours. We have now started a new unit that includes learning about kitchen measurements, and food science. On Monday all three communities made two recipes of Buttermilk pancakes. One was from scratch and the other from a box so we could compare the difference in flavor, color, texture and time. We also observed and recorded the chemical and physical changes that occurred during the mixing and cooking phases. We will complete the written portion of the lab next time we meet.

News from Renaissance

Renaissance Engineering Bridge Project

Students are creating proposals to present to the Renaissance Construction Company as party 
of a real-world bridge-building project. They're exploring engineering, design and 
manufacturing concepts as they plan out their bridges. The culmination of this project will 
include a presentation to their teachers that integrates finance and communication skills.

Hot Lunch Entree for Thursday May 24th

Nachos Supreme 
Seasoned Taco Meat,  Nacho Cheese Sauce, 
Lettuce, &  Corn Tortilla Chips
Spanish Rice 
Garden Salsa
Happy Birthday Cake 
Fresh Fruit 
Farm Fresh Milk