Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Announcements 6-7-12

News from The Cafe

Everyone is very excited about our new combination filtered water fountain/ water bottle filler in the cafe. Now you can refill your water bottle right in the cafeteria at lunch. Be sure and thank Mr. Pelkey and Mr. Boomhover for all of their hard work putting this in!

Culminating Event

Team USA has their event from 5:30 -7:00pm.

Summer Food Service Program for Children

St. Albans City School  is participating in the Summer Food Service Program for Children.  Funded by the United States Department of Agriculture, the program is designed to ensure that children who rely on free or reduced price meals during the school year continue to have adequate nutrition throughout the summer.  Meals will be provided to all children without charge and are the same for all children regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability, and there will be no discrimination in the course of the meal service. Meals are available to all children 18 years of age or younger at the following locations:

Site Name and Address
Dates of Operation

Meal Service Time

Site Supervisor’s Name


June 25-Aug. 16
Breakfast &Lunch
Tammy Deuso
BFA St. Albans
June 25-Aug. 16
Breakfast & Lunch

Claudette Bostwick
St. Albans City School
June 25- Aug. 16
Breakfast & Lunch

Desiree Gunter

St. Albans City Pool                                               
June 25 – August 16


11:00 - 12:45pm
Kelly Viens                       

Please feel free to visit the above locations at any time during the Summer Food Service Program operation.
Adults may eat breakfast for $1.25 and lunch for $3.25.

This program is open to all SACS students.

For additional information, contact        Desiree Gunter or Wendy Trainer        at        527-0565       .

Hot Lunch Entree for Thursday June 7th

Taco Bar w/ The Works
Seasoned Taco Meat, Shredded Cheese, Lettuce, Onions, & Soft Flour Tortilla
Black Beans & Rice
Garden Salsa
Fresh Fruit
Farm Fresh Milk