Monday, July 23, 2012

Announcements 7-24-12

Virtual Field Trip

Students and families are invited to join us at school for a virtual field trip to The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to learn about "Great Moments in Rock and Roll History." The trip begins at 11:30 on Tuesday July 24th. Please join us for lunch at 11:15. Children under 18 eat at no cost through the Summer Meals Program. Please park in the lot by the pool and enter through the open doors by the playground. 

Here are some things to be thinking about before the trip:

 NASA founded
 Rosa Parks refuses to give up her seat
 Truman signs Peace Treaty with Japan, officially ending WWII
 US Supreme Court’s Brown V. Board of Education
 First commercial color television broadcast
 Khrushchev becomes premier of Soviet Union
 Neil Armstrong becomes first man on moon
 Berlin Wall is built between East and West Berlin
 President Kennedy assassinated
 John F. Kennedy is inaugurated
 Civil Rights Act outlaws racial segregation
 March Luther King Jr. leads the March on Washington
 US sends troops to Vietnam
 Margaret Thatcher is elected first female prime minister of Great Britain
 Cease fire agreement ends Vietnam War
 Energy crisis strikes US
 President Nixon resigns
 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan
 Mikhail Gorbachev named Soviet president
 Ronald Reagan is inaugurated as 40th US President
 Berlin Wall falls
 Sally Ride becomes first woman in space
 Sandra Day O’Connor is first female US Supreme Court justice 
 First launch of the Space Shuttle
 Black Monday – Stock Market falls 508 points in 1 day
 Aerosmith and Run DMC collaborate on “Walk This Way”
 Jimi Hendrix performs the “The Star-Spangled Banner” at the Woodstock Music and Art festival
 Blondie records their music video for “Heart of Glass” at Studio 54 in New York City
 The Supremes performing “Where Did Our Love Go” on the Steve Allen Show Elvis Presley’s first national 
television appearance
 The Who perform “Baba O’Riley” at Shepperton Studios for the documentary The Kids Are Alright
 Michael Jackson’s music video for “Thriller” debuts on MTV
 Alan Freed releases Rock, Rock, Rock
 Donna Summer performing “Last Dance” on Midnight Special
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Vocabulary to know:

1. British Invasion: Term used to describe a significant number of rock and roll bands from England that gained popularity in the United States starting in the mid-1960s
2. Racial Segregation:  The discriminatory separation of people based on racial categories and enforced by laws, institutional policies, and customs
3. Distortion Quality: produced as an instrument’s sound is reshaped, usually with an electronic amplifier, to produce a crackly, buzzing sound; often used in surf rock to mimic the sound of ocean waves.
4. Wall Street: Considered to be the US financial and investment world
5. Motown: Style of soul music that developed in Detroit in the late 1950s  
6. Teenager: An individual between the ages of 13 and 19
7. Charity rock: A rock and roll concert produced to benefit a particular charity or bring attention to a specific cause.
8. Suburb: A small residential community laying outside of a city
9. Music video: Short film used to accompany a popular music composition; usually filmed in the style of a performance or as a dramatization interpreting lyrics.
10. Civil Rights: Rights for a nation’s citizens as defined by law, often understood as freedoms or protections
11. Astronaut: A person trained for spaceflight
12. Science fiction: Works of fiction, usually books, films, or comics, that use real or imaginary scientific discoveries or technology as part of their plot

Summer Jazz

For students in Mr. Mehaffey's Summer Jazz Band please note that the rehearsal time for this week has changed to Wednesday July 25th from 9:00am -10:30. Please enter through the Dynamic Design Doors.