Friday, September 7, 2012

Announcements 9-10-12

Team USA Establishes Government

Team USA had an outstanding day working within our community.

Government - The members of Team USA spent the afternoon researching types of governments.  Students were given a chance to form an opinion and form groups.  Each group was given an opportunity to present a form of government that they would like Team USA to function under for the year.  After long and extremely beneficial deliberations, the form of government agreed upon is an democratic, oligarchy republic.  In the coming days a charter and structure will be created.

Junior Superhero - Our first Junior Superhero was announced today. Mr. D asked, "What type of government do you want?" and left the front of the room.  After a moment of silence and bewilderment, Noah stood up and took charge of the entire discussion.  He started be suggesting students research types of governments and showed the video below.  Noah's leadership and superb public speaking was outstanding!

Team USA's Vimeo Channel:


7/8 Boys & Girls Soccer game HOME vs. Grand Isle at 4:00pm

5/6 Boys & Girls Soccer game AWAY vs. SATEC at 4:30pm

Hot Lunch Entree for Monday Sept. 10th

Grilled Chicken  Sandwich on Wheat Roll 
Sliced Tomato and Lettuce 
Oven Roasted  Sweet Potatoes  
Baked Beans 
Fresh Fruit  
Farm Fresh Milk