Monday, September 17, 2012

Announcements 9-18-12

News from Athletics

Browns River Middle School Cross Country Race from Mitchell Craib on Vimeo.

X-Country Results

Browns River Middle School, Jericho VT
Girls   123 Participants     1.8 miles
Grade  Name                Place     Time
8th      Adia                      82     16:43
7th      Lillian                  117     22:32
7th      Samantha            118     22:32
5th      Kylie                      79     16:40
5th      Elizabeth             120     
5th      Kylie                 
6th      Macy                     98     19:05
6th      Sheyenne              50     15:05

Boys  136 Participants   1.8 Miles 
Grade  Name                Place     Time
8th      Dillon                    67      13:34
6th      Declan                 128      19:18
6th      Danny                  136      23:48
8th      Noah                   137   
7th      Xaviar                   98      14:51
8th      Alek                    133      22:30

5/6 Soccer Boys & Girls Soccer Home vs. Sheldon at 4:00pm

X-Country at MVU at 4:00pm

7/8 Soccer Boys & Girls at Sheldon at 4:30pm


The Dynamic Design Learning Community is continuing our stewardship project, sustainable fundraising, to benefit St. Albans City School.  This fundraising effort allows us to raise a significant amount of money without selling items or making direct requests for money from those in our school community.  This fundraising is in addition to what the PTO already has in place for this year’s fundraisers.  

The sustainable fundraisers that we collect are: Box Tops for Education, Labels for Education, Hannaford Helps Schools, Price Chopper Tools for Schools, and the Tyson A+ Project. Keep your eye out for videos and more details about these programs in future announcements. 

Last year, we raised just under $2000.00 for the school and this was shared equally among learning communities.  The money raised will continue to be allotted this way in 2012-2013.

Each trimester we will have a collection contest and the winners will be announced at the Pep Rallies.  The winning community will receive a certificate and a prize of choice from the Labels for Education catalog. Contest details coming soon!

So let's get clipping and increase our earnings this year!!

Health Notice

Due to the increase of  pertussis (whooping cough), the Vermont Dept. of  Health is encouraging people who have regular contact with infants and young children to update their vaccines.  The DOH will be offering free vaccines, Tuesday, September 25 from 11 AM to 2 PM and 4 to 7:30 PM, at the District Office at 20 Houghton St. in St. Albans. 

Request from Team USA

If any teacher, parent, family member, or friend is a veteran and agrees to volunteer to help City School celebrate Veterans Day~ Please contact Team USA at 527-0565 ext. 4018 

US Marine Band

The Presidents Own, United States Marine Band, under the direction of St. Albans own,  Michael Colburn, will be presenting a free concert on October 10 at the Collins Perley Sports Complex. Tickets are free and available at the St. Albans Messenger office. This is the worlds best band, and should be a memorable concert.

PAG 2013

Pick up for mums is next Tuesday September 25th from 5:00pm - 7:00pm by the gym doors.

Hot Lunch Entree for Tuesday September 18th

Chicken Parmesan Sandwich on Toasted Wheat Roll
Fresh Carrot Sticks
Hummus Dip
Fresh Fruit
Farm Fresh Milk