Monday, December 17, 2012

Announcements 12-18-12

News from Team Triumph

Team Triumph's 6th graders are busy solving equations using Hands-On equation kits.  Students are learning how to find the value of the variables that include both positive and negative numbers. This is a self paced unit where students discover their own "legal" moves!


The Beginning Band will be presenting their first concert, tonight at 7 in the cafeteria. Everyone is invited to hear their work. Beginning Band will be rehearsing today at 11:30 in the band room. 6th grade lessons will not be happening today, in preperation for tonights concert. 

Parents and families please enter through the front doors as the side door will be locked.

Bucket Fillers

The Bucket Fillers will be attending a short field trip on Wednesday to spread holiday cheer to the Holiday House residents! We will be leaving the school at 9:40 a.m. and be returning by 11 a.m. or sooner. Bucket Filler students should meet Miss. Cutting and Miss. Hersey in the school lobby for 9:40.

Drama Club

If you plan to take the bus home after practice, you MUST check in at the front desk before 1:00 every time we have practice. You don't have to fill out a permission form every time, but you have to let them know each day you will be riding the bus! Thank you - Miss Jarvis

Practice today 3:15-5:00

PTO Craft Night

The PTO is hosting craft night on Thursday December 20th 5:30-7:30 in the cafeteria. Please come with your child and creative Winter crafts. There is a food activity (may not be peanut safe but it is peanut free). 

Odyssey of the Mind

The K,1 & 2 Team meets at 5:30 tonight (12/18)

Hot Lunch Entree for Tuesday December 18th

Localvore Day 
Grilled Cheese  Sandwich 
Hearty Country Vegetable Soup 
Roasted Local Parsnips & Carrots 
Fresh VT Apple 
Hood Milk

Talking to Kids

Here are some tips on talking to kids about the recent events in CT. 

  •  Start the conversation. 
  • What does your child already know? Start by asking what your child/teen already has heard about the events from the media and from friends.
  • Gently correct inaccurate information. If your child/teen has inaccurate information or misconceptions, take time to provide the correct information in simple, clear, age appropriate language. 
  •  Encourage your child to ask questions, and answer those questions directly. 
  • Limit media exposure. Limit your child’s exposure to media.  Even if they appear to be engrossed in play, children often are aware of what you are watching on TV or listening to on the radio. What may not be upsetting to an adult may be very upsetting and confusing for a child. Limit your own exposure as well.
If you or your child need some help or have concerns and would like to speak to school counselor Mrs. McCarthy she can be reached at or by calling the school at 527-0565.