Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Announcements 1-16-13

News from Codesymths

Codesmyths, an app programming class for 4th-8th graders, has been meeting three times a week since early December 2012.  Students and teachers have been learning about coding by using a programming system called Stencyl.  It stimulates learning by allowing users to create cool video games.  Right now students are beginning to understand coding by following a recipe-type-system for making games.  In a couple of weeks students will start writing their own programs without guidance, just problem solving advice from their peers and teachers.   By the end of this school year, students should be able to put the app they created on an iPad.

To learn more about Codesmyths check out our website:  www.codesmyths.org


Don't forget!  This week marked the beginning of our Box Tops for Education Collection Contest among Learning Communities.  Keep an eye out for Box Tops products when you're shopping, and be sure to clip them and get them in to school between now and the February Winter vacation.  Watch for the first weekly totals update in the announcements at the end of the week.

Hot Lunch Entree for Wednesday January 16th

Homemade  Cheese or Veggie Pizza 
Fresh Carrot  
Hummus Dip 
Fresh Fruit 
Hood Milk