Thursday, January 17, 2013

Announcements 1-18-13

News From Team USA - Raider Report

The latest edition of Raider Report has been delivered to Northwest Access TV and has been published on our Vimeo Channel -  Check out the latest news and reports from City School

With the start of a new trimester the committees have been reorganized in Team USA, but Raider Report will continue to report on the news and events coming from City School.  If any learning communities or classes would like to be included in our next show, please contact, Sophia or Mr. Cioffi from Team USA.  You will see us at work during the up coming Unified Arts night and we will be looking for classes willing to be recorded saying the Pledge of Allegiance.  We also hope to take advantage of the green screen technology in our next show.

Raider Report - Winter 2012 from Team USA on Vimeo.

*video will not play in email, please go to to view.
Raider Report - Winter 2012 from Team USA on Vimeo.
The Team USA Raider Report crew completed their second show of the school year. The coverage includes stories about the SACS Pencil Challenge, culminating events, fundraising and other topics.

KUDOS to City School Students and Staff on a Textbook Practice Lockdown

As part of our safety plan and continued efforts to keep our students and staff prepared in the event of any type of emergency, St. Albans City School (working with the Police Department and the Fire Department) conducted a planned lockdown drill on Thursday, January 17th.

Staff and students were notified earlier in the week that we would be performing this drill so they could review Lockdown Protocol and answer questions or address concerns.  The drill was conducted in a matter of fact way, much the same way as our fire drills are conducted.

From beginning to end, the drill lasted a little over five minutes.  It was agreed that our students and staff did an excellent job in following directions and doing exactly what was expected of them in a quiet and efficient manner.

Box Tops Competition

Well Done, City School Community, this competition is off to a running start!  Can you believe it?!  Week 1 resulted in 2,191 Box Tops Collected!  Now here is your math challenge:  At $0.10 per Box Top, how much money did we raise this week?  If we keep going at this rate, about how many Box Tops and about how much money will we collect in all after Week 6?

Here is the competition breakdown by Learning Community:

Congrats to Bright Beginnings for leading Week 1.  Good luck to all communities in the upcoming weeks.  Everyone is doing a great job working toward being a part of this school-wide sustainable fundraising effort.  There are still 5 weeks to go, and a lot can happen, so keep clipping those Box Tops!


The 7/8 Boys and Girls Basketball Teams have Home games vs. MVU starting at 4:00pm.

Countdown to Unified Arts Night


School *IS* in session Monday January 21st!

Hot Lunch Entree for Friday Jan 18th

Pancakes w/Warm Syrup Twin Sausage Links 
Sweet and White Home Fries 
Celery Sticks 
Fresh Fruit 
Hood Milk