Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Announcements 2-20-13

Evacuation Drill

SACS had a school wide practice evacuation drill on Tuesday. Thank you to all students and staff who did an outstanding job.

News from The Voyagers

Not only do the Voyagers have heart, last week they dissected one! Ms. Pallas led the Voyagers in a very hands on exploration of the heart. Everyone was excited for the chance to take a very close look at the working of the heart. This exploration was a part of our exploration of the circulatory system! We got the beat.


Mr. Mehaffey is in today, and would love to see all his lessons. These include 6th flutes, 5th drums and 6th violins.
Could the 5th grade violins have a makeup lesson today at 12:30-1?

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It's that time of year again--Doodle 4 Google (Google's annual logo-design competition) is open and waiting for your drawings!

This year's theme is 
"My Best Day Ever..." 
Remember, anyone at SACS may enter.  If you want assistance from any of the Art teachers, please make an appointment for help.  E-mail is the best way to schedule a time without interrupting a regular Art class.  Send e-mails to gallet@fcsuvt.orgbrownk@fcsuvt.org, orhabermanm@fcsuvt.org.

Please visit the SACS Doodle 4 Google information site for more details about how to submit your drawings, and for tips and tricks from the Art teachers.  

Contest deadline is March 22,2013

Now get doodling!


There will be no After School Tutoring on Wednesday March 6 and Thursday March 7.

News from Team USA

On Monday evening, members of the Team USA met at the Cosmic Bakery with City leaders, specialized contractors and staff from Energy Efficiency Vermont. The Team has been asked to help the City as it
enters the Whole Community Energy Challenge. It is a way for community home owners to invest in their homes and save money and energy in the process. Team USA will act as the PR for the City's Energy Team.
Anyone interested in helping, please contact us.

Team USA would like to nominate Jensen  for best hair day!

News from Open Doors

The Open Doors classes that begin on Wednesday, February 20th are:

Wed Hip Hop
Music Around the World
Wed Outdoor Play and Exercise continues from last session
Odyssey of Mind is also meeting on Wednesdays.

Sprouts begins March 6th and Girls on Run begins March 25th (this class
meets Mondays and Wednesdays)

Dynamic Design has Spirit!
Spirit Week 

Today is Wacky Wednesday. Tomorrow is Sports Team Day! 

Today is the last day to vote in the cafeteria for the SACS School Song!

Incredibles have Spirit!

Renaissance has Spirit!

Team USA has Spirit!
Mrs. Williams Class has Spirit!

Hot Lunch Entree for Wednesday Feb 19th

Cheesy Breadsticks 
Marinara Dipping Sauce 
Hearty Homemade Soup 
Fresh Fruit  
Fresh Milk