Thursday, February 21, 2013

Announcements 2-22-13

Culminating Events Today

Imagination 1 - 11:30 with potluck following
Imagination  2 and  3 - 10:45am - 11:30am 
Investigators - 8:30-9:30AM
Discovery - 10:15-11:45 AM
Incredibles - 7:30-8:30AM
Voyagers - 10:00-11:30AM
Dynamic Design - 8:30-9:30AM
USA - 11:30-12:15 


Could sr. band please report to the bandroom at 1pm, their normal time, to get ready for the assembly. If your team is doing something together before the assembly, please excuse the band students at 1:15, so they can get set up without chaos ensuing. Thank you.

All 5th and 6th grade instruments should be taken home today, nothing should be in the upstair classrooms or hallways at the end of school.

Spirit Week

Today is the last day of Spirit Week! It's Blue and White Day and we will all get together for the Spirit Week Pep Rally at 1:30 in the Big Gym.
Dynamic Design
Team USA

Energy Committee

The SACS Energy Committee is asking everyone to go on a "Hibernation Vacation" over February break. A Hibernation Vacation happens when everyone shuts down their computers, and unplugs EVERYTHING. Don't forget to pull down your shades also!

Over the vacation, please clean out all refrigerators, and pull the
plug before you depart on Friday, you might prop the door open as well
to avoid mold. Any fridges found plugged in, will be unplugged and
will need a major cleaning upon your return.
Thank you
Energy Committee
(With Ms. Cavallo and Mr. Pelkey's support)

News from Box Tops for Education

The Dynamic Design Box Tops Committee created a "contest within a contest" for our Winter Box Tops for Education Collection Contest.  Students and/or Learning Communities were challenged to design a "Green" Box Tops Collection Container.  The entries were judged based on the following criteria:  Explanation of design and use of only repurposed/reused/recycled "green" materials, creativity, eye-catching nature, aesthetic appeal, and representation of the Box Top Program.

Congratulations to Anna, Ian, & Cooper from Team Triumph for their winning creation.  They won Principal Cavallo's Bonus Bag full of Box Tops for their Learning Community!  Their design won for overall score, and they led the categories for creativity, being eye-catching, and the explanation of the design and use of "green" materials with this description:
"Our Box Top Collector is somewhat of a marble run but for Box Tops!  Our Box Top Collector is green because the tube the Box Tops go down is made out of recycled newspaper and a paper towel roll.  The top, which is a replica of a funnel, is where you insert the Box Tops.  The Box Tops fall through the tube and into the container.  The container where they land is a used pretzel bin!  Our stand is made of 100% recycled cardboard.  Our Box Top sign and this paragraph is printed on recycled paper.  To add some fun to it, we designed the tube to look like a real machine.  We added buttons and things to try to give it a technical look and we named it The Green Machine.  It has two meanings.  One, that it is made out of all recycled materials.  Second, it brings us green (money)."

The entry from Bright Beginnings took the high scores for being aesthetically pleasing and its representation of the Box Tops Program.  Team Imagination's design had the high score for use of entirely repurposed/reused/recycled "green" materials.

Thanks to all participants for your awesome creativity and design skills!
Open Doors

The Open Doors classes that begin on Friday, February 22nd are:

Board Games Extravaganza

Spanish class begins March 8th.

Hot Lunch Entree for Friday February 22nd

Dress Your Own Burger 
(Lettuce, Tomato, Cheese, Onions and Pickles) 
Garden Pasta Salad 
Summertime Dessert 
Fresh Watermelon 
Fresh Milk