Thursday, March 14, 2013

Announcements 3-15-13

SACS Joke of the Week with Mrs. Biggie

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From the Health Office

A review of ways to avoid pest problems.

There are pests such as lice and bed bugs that can be a real nuisance. While they are not going to make you sick, they are just so annoying. Treating them can be time consuming. These pests are everywhere, and school is one place they could be. Sleepovers are listed as one of the major places for them to spread. Movie Theaters, Hotels, Airplanes, Taxis, etc. are other key places.

No matter how clean we are, this can happen to anyone. By being aware we can best avoid getting these pests.

  • Do not share hats or other clothing.
  • Do not share hair accessories.
  • If you are unsure, please go see the nurse.
  • Teachers please get rid of fabric pillows, blankets and clothing share baskets.
  • Lost and found bins will be sealed and stored in Mrs. Trainer’s area, if you take something from lost and found make sure you wash and dry before wearing. We will put it in a plastic bag for you.
  • If you have a lost item, we will only be keeping the items for 2 weeks, so find items as soon a you know they are lost.
  • If you put your name on all personal items (coats, hats, gloves, ski pants, boots) we will return it and not put it in the bin. Hockey tape is available at the front desk to help you put your name in everything.

Click here for the letter that was sent home with all students on Thursday.


Next Monday, band lessons during the day for 5th and 6th grade are cancelled. Mr. Mehaffey will be working with the Sr. Band students. Beginning Strings will be having lessons after school on Monday.

Todays lessons for trumpet and cello are all on.

Field Trip

Bright Beginnings is going to Branon's Sugar House at 9:30.

Drama Club 

 Drama is cancelled today.


All 7/8 students interested in playing softball or baseball please sign-up with Mrs. Trainer by Monday, March 18th.

Dance Tonight for Grades 4, 5 and 6

It's from 6:00-8:00pm in the cafeteria hosted by Team Triumph.

Arrival and Dismissal from Dances:

Students enter through the gymnasium doors and sign themselves into the dance.

School Expectations (Safe, Achieving, Caring) remain at all evening events and that includes dances.

At the end of our dances, chaperones and staff will walk students through the building to our front lobby. We will dismiss from there.

Please be prompt for pick up as staff and chaperones need to get home too. If your student does not have a ride home, please don’t send them to our dances unless they have made arrangements before coming to the dance.

Lunch Menu for Friday March 15th

Oven Baked Chicken 
Or Yogurt Parfait Meal w/Cheese Stick Or Sunbutter and Jelly w/Cheese Stick Or 
Deli Sandwich Meal Or Salad Bar Meal Or Pizza Meal 
Steamed Peas 
Mashed Potato 
Lemon Carrots & Rutabaga 
Dinner Roll 
Fresh Fruit 
Fresh Milk