Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Announcements 8-21-13

Countdown to Back to School

Getting to School Safely

The City of St. Albans has made many improvements over the summer to make it safer to walk and bike to school.

Also, St. Albans City School staff members will be at the four major crossings closest to school in the morning and afternoon to assist walkers and bikers for the first two weeks.  

Here are some tips to keep you safe from Vermont Safe Routes to School:

For Walkers:

Always walk on the sidewalk; if there is no sidewalk, walk facing traffic.

Don't assume vehicles will stop; make eye contact with drivers, don't just look at the vehicle.

Don't relay solely on pedstrian signals, look before you cross the road.

Be alert to engine noise or backup lights on cars when in parking lots and near on street parking spaces.

Be safe and be seen: make yourself visible to drivers.

Stand clear of buses, hedges, parked cars or other obstacles before crossing so drivers can see you.

Walking and Biking to school is not only good for you, it's good for the environment too!