Thursday, October 23, 2014

Announcements 10-24-14

SACS Joke of the Week with Mrs. Biggie 

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Interesting Facts about St. Albans

The St. Albans House
Located on the corner of Lake and Catherine Streets, is the St. Albans House built as a hotel in the Greek Revival Style in 1840.  It was built originally to service stage coach passengers. When the Central Vermont Railway came to town, the St. Albans House was the closest hotel to the Central Vermont offices and train depot. The hotel was used for many years by railway workers, traveling salesmen and railway passengers. Some of the Confederate raiders involved in the St. Albans Raid stayed here.  The building still stands on this corner and is 174 years old!

This photograph is looking east up Lake Street and shows the St. Albans House in the 1870s. Notice the boys playing in the street and the man loading the wagon.  The picture is double because it is a photo card used in a stereograph. This device could make pictures look 3D.

This is what a stereograph looks like.

Voyager's Deserve Special Recognition in Fall Walking Contest

Its been great to see a number of learning communities win title to the Golden Shoe award for a week this Fall, including Voyagers.  However, what our school does not know is that the Voyagers have consistently walked high miles each week leading to a total that is more than 700 miles higher than any other team.  Also, due to a tabulation error, Voyagers should have been awarded the Golden Shoe award during one of the past weeks of the contest. Unfortunately, it is too late to walk that one back. The Voyagers deserve recognition for the community most committed to walking miles this Fall. Regular exercise to improve health, fitness and academic performance is what our school is aiming for.  The Voyagers are great role models for us all. 

Dance Tonight for Students in Grades 4-6

It's $3 to get in and it's from 6:00-8:00pm.

Arrival and Dismissal from Dances:

Students enter through the gymnasium doors and sign themselves into the dance.

School Expectations (Safe, Achieving, Caring) remain at all evening events and that includes dances.

At the end of our dances, chaperones and staff will walk students through the building to our front lobby. We will dismiss from there.

Please be prompt for pick up as staff and chaperones need to get home too. If your student does not have a ride home, please don’t send them to our dances unless they have made arrangements before coming to the dance.

Open Doors

The CHOMP class meets today.  Please come to the cafeteria at your dismissal time and check-in with Open Doors. This class ends at 4:15

The JUST DANCE class does not begin today.

LED Lightbulb Fundraiser

The absolute last day for the Efficiency Vermont LED Light Bulb fund raiser will be Wednesday.

 On Wednesday, October 29th, we will collect all of the white forms for the orders and send them in Wednesday afternoon. After that, no orders will be accepted.

Thank you for your participation

Team USA

Lunch Menu for Friday October 24th

Grilled Cheese Sandwich 
Chicken Noodle Soup 
Fruit and Veggie Bar 
Homemade Soup 
Or Yogurt Or Sunbutter and Jelly Or Deli Sandwich Or Pizza 
Fresh Milk