Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Announcements 12-11-14

Bus Award Monthly Winners

Lucky Winners who were drawn from the bus award raffle received movie passes. Keep up the good work on the bus and maybe you will be the next big winner!


Jr. Band is rehearsing today at 12:15, and full orchestra is at 2:45. 

Friday is cello day for lessons.

Culminating Event Schedule

Bright BeginningsCommunity/Family12/18/201412:30 Lunch 1:15 Sing a Long Concert in Library
ExplorersSt. Albans City- Then and now12/18/20141:30-2:30
ImaginationMy Farm12/12/201410:45-11:30 (can stay for lunch)
InvestigatorsPumpkin Patch1/21/20155:00-6:00pm
TravelersMake and Take Night12/17/20143:30-4:30
DiscoveryCloudy with a Chance of meatballs production (economy)12/18/20146:00-7:00pm
IncrediblesIncredible Products (Economy)12/19/20147:30-8:45 am
TriumphEconomic Vlogs12/18/20146:00-7:00
VoyagersVoyager Entrepreneurs12/19/201410-11:30
RenaissanceGovernment - Web visit with Bernie Sanders12/16/201412:00-1:00pm
Team USAGovernment12/18/20145:30-6:30pm

School Board Meeting

Tonight at 6:00pm the the SACS Learning Commons.


Practice today at 3:15.

Open Doors

The following Open Doors classes meet today Thursday, December 11th

  • Drumming for Success-(Remember we have a second drumming class on Thursday.  Master Steve Ferraris will be visiting the class today.  He is very excited to meet the students and drum with them! 
  • CHOMP for Families (Remember this is the class for students and families) This is the last Family CHOMP class.
  • Language Sampling  at BFA (Session B students board bus #3 at 3:10)
  • Aviation- the two students who are waiting to have their flight experience are expected to go to airport TOMORROW- Friday with Mr. Craib, weather permitting.
  • Kindness Center Creations
  • Crazy Cool Chemistry- this is the last day of Chemistry class

Session B students taking Language Sampling at BFA will board bus #3 at 3:10.   Students will check in with Open Doors at bus #3 before boarding the bus. If parents are picking up their children at BFA, please pick-up at the south side of BFA (where the big sign is)

All session A students taking Open Doors classes go to the cafeteria at 2:45 dismissal. It is very important that all students riding the buses afterschool follow the bus expectations.

Make sure to get your submission in today!

Where is Raider?

Lunch Menu for Thursday December 11th

Corn Dog
Roasted Sweet Potato Wedges
Fruit and Veggie Bar
Homemade Soup
Or Yogurt Or Sunbutter and Jelly Or Deli Sandwich Or Pizza
Roasted Butternut Squash
Fresh Milk