Monday, January 26, 2015

Announcements 1-27-15

Congratulations Cheerleaders!

Congratulations to the Raiders Cheerleaders and the SYA Cheerleaders for both taking first place at the Academy Cheer Challenge over the weekend! Way to go, Raiders!

Wellness Month - Water Day Two

Here are some water riddles - see if you can figure them out and let Mrs. Trainer and Mrs. Gunter know if you have the answer at lunch!

What lives in Winter, dies in Summer and grows with it's root upward?

What kind of bank needs no money?

What runs, but never gets tired?

If you can't figure them out - not to worry, the answers will be in tomorrows announcements!


Could the students in 6-7-8 Orchestra please come to the bandroom tonight at 6:30 to get ready for our performance in the cafeteria at 7 pm tonight.

Today, Mr. Mehaffey will be having extra lessons for strings, after lunch for 7th and 8th grade. Mr. M be giving out lesson tickets during lunch today. Could 7th grade violins please come at 1 pm today, that is for Kayleigh, Jaylin, Caleb, Hailey, Mioka, and Andrew.

Maia and Anna will be having lessons at 1:30 today. 

Jr. Band will be rehearsing at 12:15 today.

Unified Arts Night TONIGHT!

Unified Arts Night
Tuesday January 27, 2015

The Unified Arts teachers will be sponsoring a family night to allow students to showcase their achievements and activities in art, music, family and consumer science, languages, physical education and technology education. There will be musical performances, art activities, physical education activities, and taste testing occurring throughout the evening. A schedule of activities will be available at the front desk on the evening of the event. 

We hope to see many families tonight!

Four Winds Nature Institute brings Science to SACS

Five times during the school year a group of parent volunteers learn about science, bring it to SACS and share with students and teachers.  Teaching materials and many hands on activities are provided geared for K-6.   We have seen a drop in volunteers committed to sharing these exciting science lessons.  Become a part of your child's education by volunteering.  Please contact Heather Smith at
For more information about Four Winds visit

Teachers:  If you would like this science unit presented to you for extension teaching please contact Heather Smith to arrange a date/time.  Snowflake Science and Teaching Standards

Upcoming Four Winds Science Unit:  Snowflakes!!!  
Amazing Fact:
The largest snowflakes are made up of many (as many as 100) individual snow crystals.  (World Book Encyclopedia)  The Guinness Book of World Records claims that the largest snowflake ever recorded fell at Fort Keogh, Montana, in 1887.  It was 15 inches across!  (Discover Magazine December 2007)

Lunch Menu for Tuesday January 27th

Spaghetti w/ Meat or Marinara Sauce
Fruit and Veggie Bar
Homemade Soup
Garlic Breadstick
Or Yogurt Or Sunbutter and Jelly Or Deli Sandwich Or Pizza
Fresh Milk