Friday, January 30, 2015

Announcements 2-3-15

Wellness Month - Mindfulness Day One

This week we will be learning about mindfulness and the part it can play in keeping us feeling good and doing our best. Each day there will be a short video posted in the announcements. Take a few minutes and follow along and see what a great start it can be to your day.

video will not display in email - cilck here to view.

Thank you to Mrs. Easterday for all of her work in making these videos for our school!

What is Mindfulness?

Paying attention to the here and now - other people, the environment, a concern, or challenge - in a kind, nonjudgmental way. Each day this week we will learn about how our five senses help us be mindful, and practice a mindfulness activity.

Tuesday Sense: Hearing

Fact: The brain never stops working, even when people are asleep the ear continues to hear sounds, but the brain shuts them out.

Mindful Practice: Sit comfortably and close your eyes for 30 seconds, carefully listen to all the sounds you can hear in the classroom, the hallway, and elsewhere inside and outside of the school. What sounds did you hear? How did it feel to sit and listen quietly? Were you surprised by all of the sounds you heard? Those sounds are always there, but we have learned to tune them out when we are focused on our school work.


Jr. Band will be rehearsing after lunch today and Thursday.

Today is drum lesson day for Sr. Band. Mr. M will be getting lesson tickets out to everyone this morning.

8th grade violin has a lesson this morning at 11:30.

Open Doors

Open Doors Tuesday classes have ended. Did you bring your completed registration form back? Classes are filling up so make sure you select a first, second or third choice, (if you can) in case the class of your choice is full. .

Walking Wednesday 2/4/15

It looks like temperatures on Wednesday may be warm enough for us to hold our once a month Walk-to-School day. Dress for the weather and meet the walking school bus leaders at your normal locations. Wrist bands and pencils will be handed out to all student walkers. There will be coffee and oatmeal for adults in the cafeteria.

Four Winds Nature Institute Presents:  

Learn science, explore nature, become a part of your child's learning.  Please contact Heather Smith at
For more information about Four Winds visit

Teachers:  If you would like this science unit presented to you for extension teaching please contact Heather Smith to arrange a date/time.  Snowflake Science and Teaching Standards

Amazing Fact:  #3  Fresh snow is a good thermal insulator because it is 90-95% air.  (Discover Magazine December 2007).  Ten inches of fresh snow (7% water) has an insulating capacity equivalent to 6 inches of fiberglass insulation, R-18.  (US Dept of Energy Website)

Lunch Menu for Tuesday February 3rd

Oven Baked BBQ Chicken
Fruit and Veggie Bar
Homemade Soup
Dinner Roll
Or Yogurt Or Sunbutter and Jelly Or Deli Sandwich Or Pizza
Fresh Milk