Monday, May 4, 2015

Announcements 5-5-15

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!

Thank you to all SACS teachers and staff for all that you do. We hope that you all enjoyed breakfast yesterday and that you know that you are appreciated not just today, but every day!

News from Renaissance

Have you noticed construction near the bus loop?  We are building a rain garden for our school.  Here is a slideshow with a few pictures of the progress made so far.

*video will not display in email - click here to view. 

Science NECAP Testing 

Science NECAP testing will take place today and tomorrow for students in grades 4 and 8 only. For all other students, please make sure you are quiet in hallways as not to disturb the students taking the test.

Thank you!


Jr. Band will be rehearsing today, and jr. band drums and bass is today also.

Walking Contest Results for Week One

Discovery pounded out the walking path laps this past week, winning custody of the Golden Shoe award for a week.  Nice work team!  USA and Triumph were not far behind.  Discovery members achieved their performance by averaging more than seven laps per participant.

SACS Dress Code

Now that Spring is here, please take a moment to review SACS Dress Code.

Students should wear clothing that is neat, comfortable, and appropriate for learning while keeping the weather in mind.

Specific Guidelines:
  • Clothing must cover stomachs, backs and undergarments, including underwear and bras.
  • No halter-tops, spaghetti straps, short shirts, see through items or tank tops with straps less than two inches.
  • All clothing should provide coverage so that no cleavage is showing.
  • Skirts, shorts, or skorts must be as long as mid-thigh.
  • any item of clothing with sexual, drug, alcohol, tobacco connotations or hate or gang related activities or messages are not allowed.
If dress is inappropriate, students will be asked to change and if a change of clothing is not available parents will be called. 

Open Doors

The following Open Doors classes meet today Tuesday, May 5th

·         Spring Archery class
      Session B students taking Archery will board bus #2 at 3:10.  Archery students   will check in with Open Doors at bus #2 before boarding the bus and will wait until the bus driver is ready for them to board the bus.
·         Professional Dodgeball- held at City School
·         Knitting-Today is the last day of Knitting
Session B students taking Knitting will board bus #6 at 3:10. Knitting students will check in with Open Doors before boarding the bus and will wait until the bus driver is ready for them to board the bus.
·         CHOMP

All session A students taking Open Doors classes go to the cafeteria at 2:45 dismissal.

It is very important that all students riding the buses after school follow the bus expectations. 

Reminder for PE Class

Please wear or bring sneakers with you for P.E.

Flip flops, heeled shoes and shoes with wedges are not safe to wear for P.E.

Walk and Bike to School Day

Tomorrow there will be the normal walk to school day.  However, there will also be one bike to school group option -starting at the Barlow Street Community Center at 7:00am.  Meet at 6:55 to get ready.  The weather is expected to be good, so please get permission from your parents and come out and join us either walking or biking. Better yet, invite your parents to come along. The biking route will be almost identical to the yellow route that Mrs. Lang leads.

Lunch Menu for Tuesday May 5th

Homemade Cornbread 
Served w/ Homemade Macaroni and Cheese 
Caesar Salad 
Fruit and Veggie Bar Vegetable Soup 
Or Yogurt Parfait Or Sunbutter and Jelly Or Deli Sandwich Or Pizza 
Fresh Milk