Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Announcements 9-16-2015

Daily Announcements Wednesday September 16th, 2015

News from Team USAThe Team USA Media Corporation has been hard at work!  This corporation has decided to set the difficult goal for ourselves to get at least one short show out every week on Friday!  Stay tuned for future episodes of upcoming events and interesting interviews about things happening around our school!

Boys 5/6 Soccer
Practice 5:00 to 6:30pm

5th grade please come to the band room on Wednesday afternoon at 1:30pm for a string instrument demonstration. The demonstration will be done by 2:00pm.

Orchestra students in grades 6-7-8 are reminded of lessons Thursday, and of full orchestra at 2:45pm on Thursday.

The Bicycle and Ski Helmet Order has been submitted
Mr. Craib anticipates delivery within 2-3 weeks (early October).  

Lunch Participation
We are experiencing more than 85% student participation in our lunch program.  Lunch is free to all students. The cafeteria offers a range of healthy menu items for students and adults to choose from.  Adults are welcome to purchase meals at the cafeteria.

Lunch Menu
Chicken & Biscuits 
Steamed Peas & Carrots 
Fruit & Veggie Bar 
Vegetable Soup

Entrée Options 
Main Meal or Cabot Yogurt Parfait or Deli Sandwich or Pizza 
Offered with all Meals Vegetable/Fruit Bar Fresh Fruit, Fresh Hood Milk