Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Announcements 4-14-2016


After school programming
After School Tutoring ended yesterday, April 13th, for this school year.

Open Doors:
  • Tinkering
  • West African Dance
  • Dodgeball
  • Lego Challenge
  • Money Makers
  • Full cast until 5:15

This is the last week of Open Doors Session 4. 
  • Drama, Fitness Team, Girls on the Run and HW Club will continue but please check announcements for the schedule during the weeks of 4/25 and 5/2 - programming will be limited.
Open Doors Session 5 begins May 9th and acceptance letters will go out April 25th.

Fitness Team Practice
  • Fitness Team will practice on Tuesday and Thursday from 3:15-4:40
  • If you plan on riding the 4:40 bus please sign up by 12:00

School Board Meeting the Evening

6:00 PM in the school Library

Celebrating Diversity
Today you will be attending an assembly in the Library in honor of diversity and difference week. We have some guest speakers in the building today. Please help make them feel welcome in our community.

Grades Pre-K, K, 1, and 2

Grades 3, 4, and 5

Grades 6, 7, and 8

‘Dance All Night Then Sleep Tight’
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TODAY April 14
Hosted by Voyagers

Wear your PJ’s and be entered in our Raffle!
Music by ‘The PJ DJ’

Start Vaca the right way!!

Image result for sheep jumping over the moon clip art
It’ll be Dreamy!

Photo Competition:
Kaleidoscope is looking for communities/classrooms to show your autism awareness spirit.  Get creative (or look online for ideas) of how to get all students from your community/classroom into a picture that demonstrates autism awareness.  Photos are due no later than Wednesday, April 27th to Nina Dudley and they will be judged by the Kaleidoscope parents while they are attending a parent night here at school.  The winning community will be announced to them on Friday, April 29th and will be in the announcements, with their photo, on Monday May 2nd.  Can’t wait to see your creativity...Good luck!!!

Characteristics of Autism- Topics of interest and Social interaction

Teachers- Have your students split up into groups of three.  Two of the students will begin to have a typical conversation, have the other student constantly interrupt with thoughts of only one topic that they are interested in, while being very close in proximity to the other two students.

Discussion after:  How difficult was it for the two students to try to include the third student who only wanted to talk about what they were interested in, while they were invading personal space?
How frustrating was it for the student who only wanted to talk about their interest?
Was it difficult or frustrating to the group?
Was anyone in the group able to actually have a conversation from beginning to end?
Many of our students have difficulty adapting to conversations when it is not of their own interest and  do not understand or aware of personal space, this makes it hard to be a part of social groups and to make and keep friends.

Notice:  Girls on the Run will NOT be meeting on April 25th and 27th or during Learning Showcase week.  Girls on the Run will resume on May 9th.

Broccoli will be the snack for today

Broccoli belongs to the family of cruciferous vegetables which also includes cauliflower, kale, cabbage and Brussels sprouts.

Broccoli is extremely good for the health. It has Vitamins A, C and K, as well as the minerals calcium, potassium and iron. In addition, it contains phytochemicals that are known to detoxify the body and prevent many types of diseases, including cancer. It is also anti-inflammatory and can help lower cholesterol levels.

Broccoli is packed with fiber, which not only aids in digestion but keeps you feeling full. It is also very low in calories, as one cup of chopped raw broccoli has only 31 calories. Eating broccoli raw is one of the best ways to maximize its nutrition potential. Steam or roast it for a few minutes. because cooking broccoli longer destroys some of the valuable nutrients found in it.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 9.32.44 AM.png
Entrée Options Main Meal or Cabot Yogurt Parfait or Deli Sandwich or Pizza
Offered with all Meals Vegetable/Fruit Bar Fresh Fruit, Fresh Hood Milk