Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Announcement 5-26-2016


After School Programming/Open Doors
  • Duke's Cardio Kids
  • Crafty Kids
  • Money Makers
  • HW Club

  • Just a reminder that this afternoon's orchestra assembly has be rescheduled for next Wednesday afternoon.
  • Jr. Band and Jazz Band are rehearsing today.

Grades 6-8       Last Call for World of Difference registration.
There is still room on the waiting list.  Spots are likely to open up.  Paperwork MUST be in on Friday.  See Ms. Jamilah for a registration form if you need one.

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Walking Wednesday Results
189 students and 23 adults (212 total) walked or biked into school today.  Team Explorers had the most walking/biking participants with 21 kids.  Excellent job!  

Remember that on June 1st, Stewardship Day, we want a massive turnout and virtually no cars in the parking lot.  Start thinking about how to participate in this record breaking Walking Wednesday event.

Pictures from 5-25-2016
This cat walks several blocks with the group every day on Messenger Street.
The cat does not seem to mind lots of people
Kids coming to school with helmets.  Yay!
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Mr. Snay’s group.
DSC_0041 1.JPG
DSC_0057 1.JPG
DSC_0061 1.JPG

Puppet Shows Took Place in the Library 5-25-2016

Two shows were given Wednesday afternoon in the Library.  The content was definitely entertaining for children and adults and included some humorous scenes of the "candidates" running for president.

The Chicks have Hatched in Kindergarten Classrooms

These students from Mrs. Lawyer's group were very excited to show off the young chicks. 
DSC_0107 1.JPG
DSC_0101 1.JPG

Today is Local Beef Day -Not Wednesday.  

The wrong date was a Daily Announcement Error by Mr. Craib.  Please enjoy the good local beef nachos today 5-26-2016.

This is a repeat of the content put on Wednesday's announcements
We have a very special meal item today -organic beef from Choiniere Family Farm in Highgate. Most beef cows are fed grains for a period of time to fatten them up before processing them into beef. Cows are meant to eat grass and are healthier when they do. Choiniere's beef is strictly grass fed. Please check out this 3 1/2 minute long Video about the beef we will be eating today.

For snacks today we have Granny Smith Apples

  • Granny Smith apples have a juicy tart and sweet taste, and are often eaten raw or in desserts, cider or salads.
  • Granny Smith apples are particularly high in antioxidants, compared with some other apples, while containing many other beneficial vitamins and minerals.
  • Granny Smiths are said to be the best apples to use in cooking, as they do not change their natural shape once cooked due to the high acid content.

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Entrée Options Main Meal or Cabot Yogurt Parfait or Deli Sandwich or Pizza
Offered with all Meals Vegetable/Fruit Bar Fresh Fruit, Fresh Hood Milk