Friday, December 9, 2011

Announcements 12-12-11

SACS Composting

Thursday evening, six SACS students presented to the school board on our composting program. They each got a chance to speak to the board about composting, and take the board through the whole routine by serving them a fresh fruit snack and showing them how the snack goes through our composting process. All of the students did a wonderful job presenting and we are so proud of them! Please tune in to Channel 16 to watch them on this months board meeting or you can see a short video on our composting program on the SACS SchoolTube website here:

Things going on this week at SACS

Monday 12/12- Estimator Cup Challenge begins in the front lobby! Good Luck!

Team USA presents to the City Council. The students completed a study to gather information and make recommendations to the Council regarding potential ways of reducing the City's electric bills for street lights. The presentation will start at 6:30. It is an open meeting.

Tuesday 12/13 - It's the first Drama Club meeting at 3:15 in Room A1.

Thursday 12/15 - There is a Junior Band (6th grade) concert at 7:00pm in the cafeteria.

Friday 12/16- Our Annual Holiday Luncheon takes place in the cafeteria at your students normal lunch time. Families are invited to join their students for lunch.

Friday evening at 6:00 we have our annual PTO craft night in the cafeteria. Come and make some Christmas crafts.

SACS 1st and 2nd graders ideas about peace…

Peace is everyone.
Peace is sleeping.
Peace is reading.
Peace is caring.
Peace is when I make a pie.
Peace is for my lunch.
Peace is playing games on the tv.
Peace is love.
Peace is no whining.
Peace is playing outside.
Peace is family.
Peace is love and peace.
Peace is friendly.
Peace is playing with my friends.
Peace is offering someone something they need.
Peace is giving other people shoes.
Peace is people holding hands.
Peace is reading a book.
Peace is for Christmas.
Peace is a peaceful truck.
Peace is decorating our Christmas tree.
Peace is reading in bed.
Peace is for saving the Earth.
Peace is when I am in the sun.
Peace is about friendship.
Peace is when I am listening to the speaker.
Peace is when I got my cat from the vet.
Peace is the world.
Peace is being free.