Monday, January 9, 2012

Announcements 1-10-12

News From Kindergarten

Ms. Lawyer's Kindergarten class had a surprise visit from  Dr.Einstein and Dr. Dynamite the very famous "Mad Scientists" . The Science lesson was about solids and liquids. After much scientific discussion, the Kindergarteners assisted the doctors in making "ooblek".

The Kindergarten students spent time outside last week enjoying the fresh snow and sliding on the playground slopes.


Have you seen our refinished stage in the large gym? It looks fantastic! We are asking everyone to please stay off the stage so we can keep it looking beautiful. Thank you!


Round II begins today (1/10) at WIN time!

Here is a WordMasters Word of the Day from the 4th grade list:

Function: adjective
: broken down with age: WORN-OUT 


5-8 Cheerleaders will be attending a practice session with the BFA Varsity Cheerleaders tomorrow afternoon. Please remember to bring in your permission slips. 

7/8 Boys Home game vs. Georgia at 4:00pm
7/8 Girls Away game vs. Georgia at 4:00 pm


Drama Club meet from 3:15 - 5:15

Hot Lunch Entree for Tuesday 1/10/12

Meat, Tomato Sauce & Pasta 
Fresh Broccoli  Sprigs w/Ranch Dip 
Oatmeal Dinner Roll 
Fresh Fruit 
Farm Fresh Milk