Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Announcements 1-11-12

News from Tech Squad

Before the holiday break, The SACS Tech Squad took a virtual field trip to The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland Ohio.The focus of the trip was the use of technology in hip-hop music. The trip took them through the history of hip-hop music, from it's inception on the streets of the Bronx, all the way through today. They were able to see how technology assists not only hip-hop artists when producing a track, but also the DJ's that play the music. At the end of the field trip, the students were even able to make their own hip-hop track with the help and the virtual trip guide and software that is used by many recording artists today. 

School Mall

School Mall ends on Friday. Students should bring their completed booklets to lunch with them on Friday to hand in and recieve their prize. 


Meeting this afternoon (1/11) at 3:30 in the library

Virtual Learning Informational Session

The informational session will take place tonight (1/11) in the library computer lab at 6pm. This is for students who have signed up for virtual classes through VHS and their parents. 

Odyssey of the Mind

Primary team meeting tonight (1/11) at 6pm in the Art Room.

News from Open Doors

 Interested in teaching your child/ren how to be smart with money?

The Open Doors program is sponsoring a free seminar for parents on teaching children about money. 
Workshop will be on Monday, March 12th 5:30-7:30 p.m. at St. Albans City School Library.  
Food will be provided.  We are working towards providing childcare to increase parent participation. 

Please contact Suzanne Skaflestad at 527-0565, ext. 1103 or at skaflestads@fcsuvt.org to sign up.  Registration is limited. 

WordMasters Word of the Day

From the 7th grade list


Function: Noun
1: a substance that changes the rate of a chemical reaction but is itself unchanged at the
end of the process; especially : such a substance that speeds up a reaction or enables it
to proceed under milder conditions

1: someone or something that causes or speeds significant change or action <the group
was a catalyst for social reform>

Hot Lunch Entree for Wednesday January 11

Brunch For Lunch
Waffles w/Warm Syrup or Strawberry Topping 
Fresh Sweet & White Home Fries 
Sausage Links 
Farm Fresh Milk