Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Announcements 2-16-12

Spotlight on SACS Band and Strings

The SACS Jazz Band

Mr. Mehaffey and the SACS Beginning Band

It has been a busy time for SACS musicians. This Winter, there has been a Junior Band concert, a Beginning Band Concert, a Strings Concert and, last week, a Jazz band concert. Before the concert, the Jazz band spent the better part of their day with Mr. Mehaffey for an intense rehearsal. Things are not slowing down for band either, with The District Music Festival happening next month and The Greater St. Albans Middle School Band Trip to New York City in June!
For band information, schedules, pictures, and concert and solo audio and video please visit the band page at

Estimators Cup Winners

The Incredibles 5th grade with the Estimators Cup

The Winner of the Valentine Estimators Cup is Mrs. Aliquo's 5th grade math class! They guessed that there were 1144 candy hearts in the vase.. and the actual number was 1151. Congratulations Estimators!

Culminating Event

Imagination 1st Grade is having their Culminating Event on Weather at 11:00 with lunch following.

MathCounts Competition

The competition went well.  We had 4 students compete as a team and as individuals and 2 additional students compete in just the individual rounds.  The students worked hard and improved their scores from the school competition. They had fun trying to figure out the challenging questions in the countdown round where students had 45 seconds or less to solve the problem.

Here is an example of a countdown round problem:

What is the reciprocal of the sum of the reciprocals of 4 and 5?  Express your answer as a common fraction.

Answer: 20/9

Engineering Day

30 students will be going to Engineering Day at the Vermont Air National Guard 8:00am. 

WordMasters Word of the Day

from the 3rd grade list
sorrowful - filled with grief or sadness

Brainstorm Adventure Brain Fit Tip of the Day

When you are feeling hungry try having a glass of water, wait a bit to see if you were really
hungry or just thirsty.

Use your brain for Dexterity: 
Which way do you fold your arms? Fold them the opposite way. Weird, no? Find other routines you do that could be re-examined. 

Hot Lunch Entree for Thursday February 16th

Cheesy Quesadilla or Chicken & Cheese Quesadilla on Soft Flour Tortilla w/Salsa 
Brown Rice Pilaf 
Brilliant Peas 
Beetnick Cake 
Fresh Fruit 
Farm Fresh Milk