Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Announcements 2-15-12

Spotlight on Family and Consumer Science

A lot of fun things are happening in Mrs. Lamb’s Family and Consumer Science Class new rotations that began January 20th.  All of her students in grades 4-8 have teamed up with Mrs. Gunter and Mrs. Trainer to join Fuel Up To Play 60. Each week the 4th and 6th grade students from Team Triumph begin their class time tracking their food intake and activity for the days they can recall. All classes have been learning about the advantages of making healthy food choices and physical activity. Mrs.Lamb, Mrs. Gunter and Mrs. Trainer believe that the combination of the knowledge and skills they learn in FACS and applying it in Fuel Up to Play 60 activities will help students develop healthy habits that will benefit them throughout their lives. The students can also track every day at home so ask them to show you how to Fuel Up to Play 60! Seventh and Eight graders are currently studying a unit on Kitchen and Food Safety. Friday we did a Food Science Lab that included showing the growth of bacteria on our food left at room temperature, and the effects of proper hand washing. After observing three different methods of hand-washing by the students we discussed what method was the most effective, what difference soap made, what difference water temperature makes, how hand-washing affects your family's health, and what infectious disease or food borne illness could be spread by the failure of people not washing their hands properly. This is a great time of year to help remind them how important it is to help prevent spread of germs!

News Team USA

Monday Team USA was the host to Officer Wetherby of the St. Albans Police Department and his canine, Wyatt. Officer Wetherby spoke to the Team regarding a career as a Officer and discussed safe practices in the community. Wyatt made friends with the Team and acted like a teenaged dog.
  Tuesday night, Team USA will be hosting a debate open to the St. Albans community. The four gentlemen who are running for 2 open council seats will be discussing their views on the issues. The students of Team USA will be moderating and asking the questions.
  Team USA wouyld like to thank Ms. Gunter for the wonderful job she is doing for the school in posting these daily announcements.

News from The Explorers

The Explorers hosted the K-3 pep rally on the 13th of February.  The mood was set with the song “All You Need is Love” by the Beatles and peace and love were spread by recognizing the country, SAC 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders, February birthdays, and all of those who dedicate time and energy to supporting the Explorer team.  The highlight of the rally was a dramatization of the story “One” by some of the Explorer students as Mrs. Nelson read the book.  Way to go young Thespians!!

PE Dance Performance

The third and fourth graders are having their dance performance in the big gym at 1:30 today (2/15). Parents and families are invited to attend.

Team Imagination Culminating Event Update

Grade 2 Feb 21st 10am weather video presentation- followed by field trip to WCAX channel 3 TV station. 
Grade 3 Feb 22nd 10am weather presentation- followed by field trip to WCAX channel 3 TV station.

2011-2012 Sports Awards
Raider Athletics

Wednesday 2/22 6:00-7:00pm in the SACS Cafe for 5-8 Basketball players and 5-8 Cheerleaders and families. 

Brainstorm Adventure Brain Fit Tip of the Day

Human brain tissue is about 85% water. 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. You
should be drinking 8, 8 ounce glasses – or half your body weight – of water per day.

Use your brain for Creativity:

Can you write a haiku about what you're doing right now? A haiku is 3 lines, containing 5, 7, and 5 syllables respectively- it doesn't need to rhyme. 

Hot Lunch Entree for Wednesday February 15th

Grilled Cheese Sandwich on Wheat Bread 
Hearty Harvest Soup 
Carrot Sticks w/Dip 
Fresh Fruit 
Farm Fresh Milk