Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Announcements 2-23-12

Vermont Writes Day

Younger students were given a picture as their prompt. Here are some Seven Minute Writes from students in first, second and third grade.

                                                   By Kaylee Grade 1

The two space men were hearing a noise in a trash can they were wondering what was making that noise in the trash can and then somebody jumped up out of the trash can. He said you are on earth you should be on space right now. Because you are space men you do not have bodies like I do. I am a scary monster. The monster went back in the trash can it jumped up again and he heard the space men say he is a weird monster and then the monster ran away crying.

                                                    By Liam Grade 1

Once there was a man named Joe and one time someone knocked at his door and the person looked like a cave man and he had bones.                  

                                                    By Jaden Grade 3

Last night was so strange. I will tell you about it: Last night I was playing Just Dance 3 and my mom said go brush your teeth and say good night. So I did. Then I went to bed. I woke up at 12:00 at night and I saw a glowing light. I looked out the window and you'll never guess what I saw. I saw a alien ship. 

                                                    By Paul, Grade 2

The aliens are going to help the world by taking out the garbage so that the trash man won't have to. The aliens will take the trash to their home planet of Neptune. 

Culminating Event

Renaissance has their Science Fair tonight (2/23) at 5:00pm. 

Open Doors Announcement

Please remember to bring back the Open Doors registration forms before the break
Please indicate a first, second and third choice for each day you are interested as some classes
are full.

The new knitting class is now open to 4th graders!

Open Doors is still taking registration for the Money Smart workshop being offered on Monday, March 12th at City School from 5:30-7:30.  Dinner and childcare are provided! 

News from Team Imagination

Team Imagination had their Culminating Event this week on weather, and after their events, Mrs. Konrad's and Mrs. VanGuilder's classes were able to take an exciting trip! They went to WCAX News in South Burlington to get a tour of the station, led by WCAX's Chief Meteorologist Sharon Meyer and were able to sit and watch the live broadcast of the 12:00 news and weather report. After the news broadcast, they had a chance to ask another WCAX Meteorologist, Gary Sadowsky, some questions. They were even able to take turns in front of the green screen! It was a very exciting trip for the second and third graders, after studying the weather for their theme, they were able to see how the weather is tracked by computer and radar and talk to the weatherman about how he makes his predictions. 

Kindergarten Share Time!

Brainstorm Adventure Brain Fit Tip of the Day

Walk 10,000 steps a day.

Use your Brain for Logic:

A horse jumps over a tower and lands on a man who promptly disappears. What has happened? (answer tomorrow)

Hot Lunch Entree for Thursday February 23rd

Nachos Supreme 

Seasoned Taco Meat,  Nacho Cheese Sauce, Lettuce, Salsa & Corn Tortilla Chips 
Rice w/Black Beans & Corn 
Broccoli/Carrot Salad
Low-Fat Dessert 
Fresh Fruit 
Farm Fresh Milk