Thursday, February 23, 2012

Announcements 2-24-12

Vermont Writes Day

The prompt given to students in grades 4-8 was: You've just remembered that a homework assignment is due in an hour. Craft the wildest excuse ever that someone would believe.

Sorry but I was walking home from school and I got home and my mom had bought a swimming pool! My dog jumped in the swimming pool and my backpack was opened and my dog was dripping and got into my backpack and got my homework all wet and then I knew that I was going to do it at recess and get an F-.
By Isaac, Grade 4

Omg. I have to get home and do my homework. If I don't I can't go skiing. I'm running home and when I get there it's not in my bag so I ripped apart my room but it wasn't there. After I went through the house looking for it, I decided to come up with an excuse. How about you didn't give me one or I wasn't here. Oh I have a big one - how about I was running home to do it and I have a big hole in my bag and it fell out and I'm so sorry. Do you want me to do it tonight? So when I got to school my teacher was already checking homework. I went up to her with a pouty face and said what I had to say.
By Morgan, Grade 5

I was walking to school and this car pulled up and the puddle of water splashed all over me. It didn't get on my homework so then I started waling again and this dog came up and started tugging on my shirt and the paper fell out of my hand and into the sewer on the street. I went down there even though it was gross and there was someone down there and he had my paper and ripped it into pieces, then I screamed and got out of there.
By Kieshia, Grade 6

I just don't like doing my homework. I had a flat tire. No. My snake was having babies. No. I saw a bird's head up a cow's nose. No. Just tell me the truth. I lost it.
By Lincoln, Grade 4

My dog ate my homework. I know, I know, that's what everyone says, but it's true. You see, he was really hungry because my mom won't go out and buy my dog more food because of the creepy clown next to Petco! I would go myself but I have no possible way of getting there. I could walk or bike but by the time I got home with the dog food, my poor pet would have starved. My mom has a crazy fear of clowns for some reason, but no matter how hard I try to cure her of it, I always fail.
I did not have enough time last night to write the report over. Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please let me just turn it in tomorrow so it counts. I might even bring in a chocolate platter for you too.
By Abigail, Grade 6

This morning we were driving to school. Then a car went right in front of us, then we crashed. My backpack went out the window and then I got out of the car and caught it. I opened it and the wind blew and all over town. Then my homework flew in a wood cutter and it got shredded and that is how I lost my homework!
By Josh, Grade 4

"Where is your project?" screamed my teacher as I walked into the classroom empty handed. "Well do you really want to hear the whole story?" I asked. "Oh, this should be good" muttered my teacher under her breath. "Go ahead." "Well, I was at my house, sitting on my bed and then all of a sudden I looked at my project and I had to pit on a few more details So I walked over to it when I heard the phone ring. So I walked downstairs to get the phone and it was my friend. She said that she had two tickets to Lady GaGa and well, who could turn down GaGa. So I said I would meet her at her house. So then I hung up the phone and walked over to her house thinking that I would get home in time to finish my project. When I got to her house, her mom drove us to the concert and dropped us off. We found our seats and they were in the first row! When the concert started, and GaGa was on stage she was throwing out free backstage passes so we got one! When the concert ended we went backstage and we met Lady GaGa! She loved me, I mean us, so much, that she invited us to the after party. So we went to the after party and it was AWESOME! Then I got home and my mom said I had to go to bed, so I did, thinking that I would have time in the morning, but I didn't, and now here I am!
By Maggie, Grade 5

One day I was walking home from school with my homework in my backpack and I'm walking alone and all of a sudden I hear the train come out of nowhere. It got closer and closer and it got to be so close that I could almost touch it and then of course it had to stop right in front of me. So I waited and I waited for one whole hour, then I got bored. I walked in front of the train to see what the holdup was and the guy said that there are technical difficulties. I said ok. So I go back and then I hear a whistle and the the train explodes and I am running away as fast as possible. I look back and my back got so hot so I took off my backpack and it was on fire and it went up in flames. I smiled and said "bye, bye homework."
By Jordan, Grade 6

Culminating Event Schedule for Friday 2/24

8:00 am Discovery Culminating Event
 10:00 to 11:00 & 1:30 to 2:30 Dynamic Design Culminating Event
 Incredibles Culminating Event
 Renaissance Culminating Event Continued
 Investigators Culminating Event
 Explorers Culminating Event
 Travelers Culminating Event
 Voyagers Culminating Event

Winter Recess

Friday February 24th is our last school day until Wednesday March 7th. 

Spirit Week

Some communities had their annual "Spirit Week" this week. The Incredibles wanted students to dress like their teachers and teachers to dress like their students. The community certainly went all out and had a lot of fun!

Doodle for Google

On Thursday, some artistic SACS students spent the day in the art room with Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Haberman. They were busy drawing their submissions for the "Doodle 4 Google" contest. The contest, put out by Google to students all across the United States, is to design a logo for the Google homepage using the theme If I could travel in time, I'd visit...

News from Bright Beginnings

Kindergarten celebrated their 100th day of school on Feb 22. The children made necklaces with 100 fruit loops, counted collections of 100, made 100 day GORP and a giant cookie with 100 m&ms and 100 chocolate chips.

Brainstorm Adventure Brain Fit Tip of the Day

Physical exercise such as running, jumping and aerobic game playing can help with
concentration, planning and decision making.

Use your brain for a Mental Exercise: 
Look around wherever you are, and within two minutes, try to find five red objects that will fit in your pocket, and five blue objects that are too big to fit.

yesterdays answer: A chess games, knight takes pawn.

Hot Lunch Entree for Friday February 24th

Hearty Hot Turkey Sandwich w/Gravy 
Chef’s Mashed Potato 
Side Caesar Salad 
Fresh Fruit 
Farm Fresh Milk