Monday, March 19, 2012

Announcements 3-20-12

News From the Voyagers

The Voyagers made some 'shocking' discoveries this week when they got a visit from IBM.
Alarms and sirens were screamed, spaceships spun, and everyone enjoyed delving into 
snap circuits and electricity. Our thanks go out to Chris Ford, Jose Martinez, Ronnell Lutz, and
 Renzo Silva who took time away from IBM to help us learn about what they do and lead us in
some hands-on explorations!

News from The Cafe

Jill Goodroe from The New England Dairy Council came to SACS on Monday to present our school with The Fuel Up to Play 60 grant check. We were able to get this grant with the help of students who are logging on to and tracking their nutrition and activity every day. We are very excited to use this grant for gear to keep our students active and tools to help promote healthy eating, and bring new and exciting menu options into the cafeteria.

Alaska and Back in an hour!

If you missed our fabulous virtual field trip to the Alaska Sea Life Center last week, you will have another opportunity Thursday 3/22 at 6:00pm. This trip is open to anyone in the community as well, so tell your friends! Please register since we have limited space, by calling 527-0565 ext. 1100 or emailing

Field Trip

Team Triumph is going to Jay Peak on 3/20

Behind the Scenes with "The Phantom Tollbooth"

This week is an exciting week for SACS Drama Club as they have three performances. Thursday morning, they are performing for the entire school and Friday evening and Saturday afternoon for families and friends. It takes hard work, and many different people to put the show together each year. 

Over the last seven weeks, City School students taking the Open Doors Backstage Pass class have enthusiastically been creating props for the school play, The Phantom Tollbooth.

“It was really fun to be with other artistic minds and share my ideas. I learned how to be more artistic and also made some new friends. "I helped create the ax, the car and the numbers and letters that will be used
during the play.” (Cassie, 5th grade student)

Drama Club

Final practice 3:15 - 5:15pm

News from Dynamic Design

Do you shop online?  Shop online through the BoxTops Marketplace and earn eBoxTops for our school!

1. Sign up to support our school at (if you haven't already!)
2. Start every online shopping trip at the Box Tops Marketplace.
3. Watch our earnings grow!!!

There are over 175 retailers who give eBoxTops to our school when you shop online at the marketplace.
(Which simply means navigating to the store's online site via a link on the Marketplace site first!  
It's as easy as one extra click!)

  • Traveling for the April vacation?  Travelocity, Expedia, HotWire, and Southwest are all linked to the Marketplace!
  • Shopping for home or entertainment?  Best Buy, Lowe's, and more!
  • Ready for spring & summer shopping?  Kids need new clothes or shoes?  Macy's, Kohl's, Old Navy, JCPenny, Gap Kids, KMart, etc. etc.!
  • Click here to see all the participating companies!

(This is safe and secure as per the Box Tops for Education Privacy Policy, and/or the Privacy Policy of the online shopping site once you navigate there.)

Dynamic Design Learning Community is continuing our Sustainable Fundraising Efforts for SACS all year long!  We're 75% of the way to our 2011-2012 goal of $2,000!  Thanks for your support!  And remember to keep clipping those BoxTops as well!

Brainstorm Adventures Brain Fit Tip of the Day

True or False: Noise and cold air will keep you awake when driving. (False)
Pull over in a safe place and take a sort nap.

Use your brain for Logic:

What English word contains all the vowels in alphabetical order?
(answer in tomorrows announcements)

WordMasters Word of the Day
from the 5th grade list:

1    [mey-ley, mey-ley, mel-ey]
a confused hand-to-hand fight or struggle among several people.
confusion; turmoil; jumble: the melee of Christmas shopping.

Hot Lunch Entree for Tuesday March 20th

Sweet & Sour Meatballs 
Brown Rice Pilaf 
Steamed Green Beans 
Wheat Dinner Roll 
Happy Birthday Cake 
Fresh Fruit 
Farm Fresh Milk