Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Announcements 3-21-12

News from The Incredibles

The Incredibles Community reading teacher, Mrs. Campbell, has recently set up a book club available to 5th and 6th graders. The 4th grade book club is in planning stages at the time.

The 6th grade book club meets every Monday at lunch time, where we talk about the book we are all reading, and decide how many pages to read.

This book club is a great way for us to interact with our friends by talking about the book. It’s been so much fun to get together and share our ideas.

I’d just like to say thanks to Mrs. Campbell for setting this book group up. Even though the 6th Grade Book Club has only met twice, it’s been so much fun.

by Camille 6th Grade

News from Odyssey of the Mind

On Saturday March 10th,  two teams from Saint Albans City School attended the state Odyssey of the Mind tournament at Champlain Valley Union High School in Hinesburg.  Both teams worked hard all year to present a short play that demonstrated a solution to a problem.  They also were presented with spontaneous problems to solve on the spot as a team.  Our coaches,  Michelle Leduc and Christopher Lenox  worked tirelessly to guide our students through the process.  If any students and/or parents are interested in participating next year, please contact our coordinator Shanon Lenox at Shannon.Lenox@med.uvm.edu

Missing Something?

When you come for your child's Learning Showcase, be sure and stop by the main hallway to our lost and found. We have so many coats, snow pants, boots, shoes, and clothing and we are hoping they all make their way back to their owners this week!

Behind the Scenes with "The Phantom Tollbooth"

We asked Mrs. Jarvis how the show is chosen each year:
"During the summer months I peruse plays and look at castings and what the show will need for voices and acting parts. I never "pre-cast" a show, but I do consider the students that are available for parts when I pick a show. In the fall I order the show right away so I can begin to look at what we will need for resources etc. "


There will be no tutoring next week due to Learning Showcases.


Mandatory Meeting for 7/8 Boys Baseball students and their parents Wednesday 3/21 at 6:00pm

Field Trips for 3/21/12

Kindergarten is going to Branon's Sugar House at 9:00 am

Team USA is going to Hard'Ack at 9:15

WordMasters Word of the Day
from the 3rd grade list:

Gleeful -  full of jubilant delight, joyful 

Brainstorm Adventure Brain Fit Tip of the Day

Without sufficient nutrients, breakfast skippers often feel tired and listless, irritable and restless. Eating a good breakfast full of nutrients restores your energy.

Use your brain for a Mental Exercise: List as many typical "pairs" as you can think of, suh as "salt and pepper" or "cats and dogs."

Yesterday's answer: Facetious

Hot Lunch Entree for Wednesday March 21st

Harvest Macaroni & Cheese
Oven Roasted Root Vegetables (Rutabaga, Parsnips, Red Potatoes & Carrots) 
Local Zucchini Muffins
Fresh Fruit 
Farm Fresh Milk