Thursday, March 29, 2012

Announcements 3-30-12

The District Music Festival

Band students participating in the festival will be bused to MVU in Swanton for the day for rehearsal on Friday (3/30) and Saturday (3/31). Students will return to SACS by 4:15 on Friday. The concert is at 2:00pm on Saturday 3/31 and there is a charge at the door. There will be no bus returning to SACS after the concert. 

Dental Fair Today (3/30)

Grades 1-3 are having a Dental Fair which will include learning opportunities regarding proper tooth brushing, healthy snack and beverage choices, and the ever popular bicycle powered smoothie event!  Local dental professionals, VTC dental hygeine students and community outreach specialists from Blue Cross/Blue Shield will be contribute their expertise.

 UVM Fitness Competition
Any students in grades 5-8 interested in being part of the Middle School Fitness team should report to the gym for practice on Monday 4/2, Tuesday 4/3 and Thursday 4/5.  We will meet from 3:15-4:15. 

News from Team USA

On Friday, The Engineers of IBM will be conducting a workshop in Team USA! They will also listen to our presentation regarding how we utilized the grant money that we won from them last year, and students will be having a round table discussion with them in an effort to secure funding for researching/designing/ building a prototype for a waste saving machine. It will be marketed, should it work as planned! Our students can pull this off. It will be a two year project with students returning back from BFA next year, and hopefully including

the 6th graders who will be joining us in Team USA next year.

Team USA students spent an afternoon cleaning up outside of the school last week and are applying for a grant to install a low altitude rope course on our grounds that will be open to all grade levels!

Field Trip

Kindergarten is traveling to the Welden Theatre to see "The Lorax" at 8:15am.

Book Discussion at St. Albans Free Library

On Thursday evening April 19th at 6:30pm Gillian Ireland will be leading a discussion of the parenting book "Nurture Shock" Copies of this book can be attained at the library. If you are interested please call the library at 524-1507 to register.

Brainstorm Adventure Brain Fit Tip of the Day

We've all heard that fish is "brain food," and there's good reason for it. Fatty fish like budget-friendly sardines contain omega-3 fatty acids, which are thought to be instrumental in maintaining brain function from early development throughout life.

Use your brain for Logic: Can you make the number 100 with six nines? (answer tomorrow)

WordMasters Word of the Day

blurry  - without a clear outline, not clear

Hot Lunch Entree for Friday March 30th

Italian Style Meatball Sub on Wheat Roll
Side Caesar Salad
Fresh Fruit
Farm Fresh Milk