Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Announcements 4-5-12

Medicine Safety

On Monday, Hailey, Jonathan and Matthew did a wonderful job of representing Mrs. Richardson's first grade class while presenting a medicine safety lesson to our Kindergarteners. They taught the Kindergarteners that 1. Only grown-ups touch medicine, 2. There are medicines made just for kids and medicines made just for grown-ups, 3. Children should never take medicine made just for grown-ups, and 4. Even a medicine made just for kids can be dangerous if too much medicine is taken or if it is taken at the wrong times. Then the 1st graders shared medicine safety posters that they had made for the kindergarten classrooms. 

News from Team USA

Wednesday, 4/4/12 - Team USA students noticed that they were able to pickup unsecured Internet connections from our neighbors.  Dylan and Hunter visited our neighbors on Finn Avenue to track down the wireless connections.  They found two families that needed to protect their connections.  They discussed the issue with both families and explained that the wireless networks should be protected with a password.  They also provided directions about how passwords could be set up.  Team USA would like to remind anyone with a wireless network to make sure they are secure by setting up a password.  The Superheroes would like to commend Dylan and Hunter for taking the time to help our neighbors.

Field Trip

Dynamic Design is going bowling at 11:45am.

Autism Awareness Fact of the Day

Autism is a neurological disorder that affects person's social and communication skills.  Autism is considered a spectrum disorder because it covers a wide range of symptoms and skill levels.  Some people with autism have more social skills than others and some have more academic skills than others.  Some people with autism have violent behaviors, while others don’t stand out in a crowd.  Most people with autism have trouble with either verbal or nonverbal communication.

April Fools Joke of the Day

What is the best way to catch a grey squirrel?
Climb a tree and act nuts!

Brainstorm Adventure Brain Fit Tip of the Day

Calcium rich foods such as yogurt, milk and cheese improve nerve function. yogurt helps improve
alertness and memory.

Use your brain for Logic: Solve this puzzle: A man walks into a restaurant and the the waiter says good day Admiral. Why did the waiter call the the man an Admiral? (answer tomorrow)

WordMasters Word of the Day

compatriot- (noun) 1a: person from the same country as someone else.
▪ We watched our compatriots compete in the Olympics.
2: US : a friend or colleague : someone who belongs to the same group or organization as
someone else. ▪The famous actor and his theater compatriots were at the play.

Hot Lunch Entree for Thursday April 5th

Breaded Fish Sandwich on Wheat Roll 
Creamy Tarter Sauce 
Garlic Rotini 
Fresh Carrot Sticks w/ Hummus Dip 
Fresh Fruit 
Farm Fresh Milk