Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Announcements 6-13-12

News from Discovery & The Incredibles

Last week Discovery and The Incredibles took an all day field trip to The Pump House, The water park at Jay Peak Resort. There were able to be daring and go down water slides or tube around the lazy river. It was a great day full of lots of fun!

News from The Investigators

Box Tops for Education - News from Dynamic Design

Congratulations St. Albans City School!  We have just wrapped up our final collection competition for the year with great success!  We received Box Tops and Labels from the Pre-K class and all the way up through 7th/8th homerooms, with everyone in between!  Well Done, Raiders!

We collected another 1,613 Box Tops in just a few weeks' time, and you know what that translates to: $161.30!  This will begin building toward our 2012-2013 Goal.  This money gets turned around and returned to homerooms for funding, so the more we collect, the more funds to spread around!

We would like to specially recognize 5 homerooms who each collected over 100 Box Tops:

1st - Mr. Edwards' Class   - 248
2nd - Mrs. Williams' Class - 182
3rd - Mrs. Cox's Class     - 165
4th - Mrs. Morton's Class  - 144
5th - Mrs. Provost's Class - 136
Honorable Mentions to Ms. Halvorsen's Class (96) and Mrs. Walsh's Class (89).
THANK YOU SO MUCH to ALL the homerooms throughout the school who participated! Every 1 makes a difference!

We will continue to collect and accept Box Tops for Education, Labels for Education, and Tyson A+ Project Labels anytime you have them, so please remember to keep clipping (and keep clicking - you can earn online at btfe.com)!  Please don't forget to continue collecting throughout the summer!  Thanks so much for your support!

Field Trips

Team USA is going to Georgia Beach at 8:15am

Voyagers are going to Kill Kare State Park at 9:45am

Kindergarten Graduation

It will take place tonight (6/13) at 6:00pm in the Big Gym

Hot Lunch Entree for Wednesday June 13th

Italian Style Meatball Sub On Wheat Roll
Zesty Lemon Couscous
Fresh Fruit
Farm Fresh Milk