Friday, November 9, 2012

Announcements 11-12-12

Veterans Day Celebration

City School is celebrating Veterans Day with a ceremony on November 12, 2012 in Taylor Park. This letter is to inform and invite you to join your child in honoring our nation's veterans in a brief ceremony.  
We are going to leave the school at 9:15 and walk to the park for the ceremony starting at 10:00.  You are invited to walk with us. We will be back at the school by 11:30 in time for lunch.  If you have any concerns please contact your child’s teacher.
Every student will be bringing home a ribbon. We ask that you support your child in writing the names of veterans close to your family, on the ribbon. Your child will then wear the ribbon to the ceremony to honor the veterans. We would encourage you to access our daily announcements to go over the book about veterans and sing the song “This Land is Your Land”. The song will be sung during the ceremony and we would like all students to feel comfortable singing.      
Thank You,
Veterans Day Committee St. Albans City School.

News from Team Triumph

On election day, Team Triumph held a debate. After learning how our president gets elected, students were unsure if using the electoral college was the best way. A group of sixth graders researched the merits of the electoral college and the merits of using popular vote. After a few days of preparation, they discussed the topic in a formal debate setting. Students had points ranging from benefits for minorities, to faithless electors, to disproportionate advantages for small states. After the debate, the rest of the team voted on which side they found more persuasive. It was close, but in the end, more students were convinced that the electoral college is in fact the best way to elect our president.

Band Announcement

There will be no band lessons today, but Tuesday will be a normal day. There will be beginning violin and cello lessons after school today for 4th grade students.

Holiday Luncheon

Families are invited to our annual Holiday Luncheon on November 16th. Please join your child at their normal lunch time. Guests may notice some changes in our menu this year because even the holiday lunch must follow the new nutrition standards set by the USDA for school meals. The cost is $3.25 for adults and $1.60 for children. 


Oven Roasted Turkey 
Chef’s Mashed Potato w/Gravy 
Steamed Peas 
Chilled Cranberry Sauce
Homemade Dinner Roll 
Festive Dessert 
Hood Milk

Lunch Schedule:
10:45-11:15 - all 7th and 8th grades
11:15-11:45- Investigators and Explorers
11:30-12:00 - Imagination and Travelers
11:45-12:15 - Incredibles and Discovery
12:00-12:30 - Triumph and Voyagers
12:30-1:00 - Kindergarten

Raider Report
*video will not play in email. please go to to view. 

The first Raider Report of the year has been posted online and submitted to Northwest Access TV.  
To view it online go to or you can wait to view it on Channel 15 in the coming weeks.

Raider Report is a student created new show. The purpose of the show is to share the many wonderful things happening at St. Albans City School.

The Raider Report crew is comprised of 7th and 8th grade students from Team USA. 

St. Albans Youth Cheer

For any students (girl or boy) in grades K-4. The cost is $110 and that includes a complete uniform. If you already have a uniform the cost is $60. For more information contact Stacie Rouleau 782-1157 and information sheets are available at the front desk. 

Sign ups are Nov. 25 at the Complex at 5 pm. 

Hot Lunch Entree for Monday Nov. 12th

Dress Your Own Hot Dog 
Marinated Tomato Cucumber Salad 
Baked Beans
Fresh Fruit 
Hood Milk