Thursday, November 8, 2012

Announcements 11-9-12

News from The Voyagers

The Voyagers decided to demonstrate their skills, and their love of art, by holding a monthly drawing contest! Every month students submit pictures to the team about a posted theme and then the team votes to chose the winners! Take a look at this months winners! Out theme for November is Turkey Time- interpret it how you will! When you pass through our hall take a glance at the student work.

Veterans Day Celebration Note

Remember to wear RED, WHITE and BLUE on Monday to honor the Veterans at our school-wide celebration in Taylor Park.

Dance Tonight (11/9) for Grades 6, 7 and 8

Renaissance is hosting a dance tonight from 7:00-9:00pm. It's $3 to get in or $2 if you bring a canned good to donate.

Arrival and Dismissal from Dances:

Students  enter through the gymnasium doors and sign themselves into the dance.

School Expectations (Safe, Achieving, Caring) remain at all evening events and that includes dances.

At the end of our dances, chaperones and staff will walk students through the building to our front lobby. We will dismiss from there.

Please be prompt for pick up as staff and chaperones need to get home too. If your student does not have a ride home, please don’t send them to our dances unless they have made arrangements before coming to the dance.


The WordMasters Teams are in full swing preparing for their first challenge. You can see them hard at work enriching their vocabulary and deciphering analogies!

News from The Energy Committee

During the energy meeting, all the energy captains decided on two simple tasks to conserve energy. They are shutting your thermal shades at night and turning off power strips. If you could please remember to do this, that would help our energy bills greatly! Thanks, and let's win the Whole School Energy Challenge!

Hot Lunch Entree for Friday Nov. 9th

Waffle  Sticks w/ Warm Syrup  
Scrambled Eggs 
Sweet and White Home Fries 
Green Pepper Strips  
Happy Birthday 100% Fruit Juice Shape Up 
Fresh Fruit 
Hood Milk