Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Announcements 11-8-12

Veterans Day 

Dear Families,
City School is celebrating Veterans Day with a ceremony on November 12, 2012 in Taylor Park. This letter is to inform and invite you to join your child in honoring our nation's veterans in a brief ceremony.  
We are going to leave the school at 9:15 and walk to the park for the ceremony starting at 10:00.  You are invited to walk with us. We will be back at the school by 11:30 in time for lunch.  If you have any concerns please contact your child’s teacher by Friday November 9th.
Early in the week each child will be bringing home a ribbon. We ask that you support your child in writing the names of veterans close to your family, on the ribbon. Your child will then wear the ribbon to the ceremony to honor the veterans. We would encourage you to access our daily announcements to go over the book about veterans and sing the song “This Land is Your Land”. The song will be sung during the ceremony and we would like all students to feel comfortable singing.      
Thank You,
Veterans Day Committee St. Albans City School.

Please watch the video below in your classroom.

The Wall from Team USA on Vimeo.
*Video will not play in email. Please go to to view.
News from Art

Congratulations to Andrew from Dynamic Design whose poster won the local Lions International Peace Poster contest. 

The District Art Show at the St. Albans Armory will start next week - the Opening Reception will be Tuesday, Nov 13th from 5-7 PM. The show will be open on Weds, Nov 14th through Sunday, November 18th.

News from Team USA

WOW!  Team USA had a extremely productive day today.  We had students working the polls doing a variety of jobs in St. Albans City, Town, and Swanton.  The Raider Report team split up to interview candidates, voters, and officials.  They returned to school to edit their footage into 2 and 5 minute compilations for the Northwest Access TV ( or ( They met the 5pm deadline and got  to see their work displayed on election night.  

Another group of students were able to unveil their Northwest Access TV Survey.  Students collected close to 300 completed surveys throughout the day.  They will present the final results to the Northwest Access TV Board at a later date.  

Along with the Northwest Access TV work, we were able to pull together a collection for the Greenwood Cemetery.  Over $400 will be donated to help with the repair of numerous headstones that were vandalized.  Thank you to all community members that donated to this fund.

If that was not enough, we had small groups of students working at the local democratic and republican headquarters making calls to remind people to get out and vote.
Back at school students completed some regular school work and we also had our Energy Committee lead a school wide meeting with Seth, our energy guide, in regards tot he Energy Challenge that started earlier in the year.
One of the busiest days in Team USA history has come to an end.  Well done, Team USA.  Time to get ready for our Veterans' Day celebration next Monday and then the Annual Senior Citizens Thanksgiving Meal on November 16.  Don't forget to do your homework!

News for 8th Graders and Families

Please pencil in your calendars- Monday January 14, 2013 at 6:30 will be the first get together of the year for 8th graders attending BFA in the fall . Held at BFA.

News from Bright Beginnings

Mrs. Lawyer's Class in costume.

Kindergarten students had some festive fun last week!

No Open Doors Today

This is a reminder that there is no Open Doors today, Thursday, November 8th however, Tutoring is meeting.

Odyssey of the Mind

The team meets tonight at 6:00pm in A3.

School Board

Meeting today at 6:00pm in the SACS Library.

St Albans Skating Association

Sign ups are going on for kids ages 4-9. The cost is $75 and there are free equipment rentals still available. Please visit for more info. 

Hot Lunch Entree for Thursday Nov. 8th

Chicken Fajitas 
Chicken, Sautéed Onions and Peppers, Soft Flour Tortilla, Salsa, Cabot Sour Cream  
Rice Pilaf 
Warm Black Beans 
Steamed Corn 
Fresh Fruit 
Hood Milk